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C3D Standards and Versioning


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Hello all,


I am preparing a 2016 deployment and previously I have created new directories to house the standards specific to the version, ie: 'civil 3d 2012', 'civil 3d 2014' and now 'civil 3d 2016'. My question is, am I just creating a lot of extra work for myself? Could I get by with just a 'C3D' folder? I will have some people continuing to use 2014 and some will jump right on 2016. Are there any issues with sharing styles, blocks, templates and such between versions?


Any and all input is appreciated.




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Here at my office, we use the same method that you are implementing and it is a real "time saver" to have the items in different folders. We too have different people using different versions of the same software and I feel that this method helps to keep some of that straight. :)

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I've been using a version-specific implementation for some time, and find it very helpful - however, I do also include a 'common' folder for support files that are not version-specific.



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Only thing that comes to mind is a version problem with your DWT if you save as in a later version particuarly 2012 you can set the QNEW via Config to look at different directories. We are about, I know our IT has not updated us yet but we are going to make a full brand new 2016 CIV3D DWT, this will be the only one available.

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