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Found 6 results

  1. I want to copy/paste some items from one job into another job. I have reverted everything to layer 0 and there is no text at all in the items I am copying. When I bring it into the other drawing, all the text styles have come with it, which I do not want. I have tried to run 'purge' to get rid of them, and it doesn't work. If I try to deleter any of the text styles, it says they are in use (which they are not, since the new drawing has no text in it yet.... I am creating a new template and it is 100% devoid of text so far). What am I doing wrong?
  2. sandiegophil

    C3D Standards and Versioning

    Hello all, I am preparing a 2016 deployment and previously I have created new directories to house the standards specific to the version, ie: 'civil 3d 2012', 'civil 3d 2014' and now 'civil 3d 2016'. My question is, am I just creating a lot of extra work for myself? Could I get by with just a 'C3D' folder? I will have some people continuing to use 2014 and some will jump right on 2016. Are there any issues with sharing styles, blocks, templates and such between versions? Any and all input is appreciated. regards, phil
  3. Assign different parcel styles based on parcel area The following are 1. I am creating multiple lot parcels of different sizes in a subdivision from polylines. How do I assign different parcel and/or label styles to these newly-created parcels based on their area? For example, all parcels with an area of 8,000-8,999 SF use Parcel A style; all parcels with an area of 9,000 - 9,999 SF use Parcel B style. Is there such thing as a parcel "sub-style"? Would this be accomplished using an expression? 2. I need to dimension distances for side and rear lot lines, but not for the right-of-way at the front of the lot. So far, parcels and/or labels will label on all sides equally. Can the style or styles be re-configured, or do I have to explode those individual labels into blocks? 3. In a parcel acreages table I want to show the total acreage of the selected parcels. How do I do this directly in the style or styles? 4. In a boundary, I would like a single line style to be both line AND tag. For example, if the segment is too long to fit both bearing and distance on one line, I would like the style to show a tag for the segment instead? Can this be configured through the style itself? How can I do it manually? I am also creating a separate line table for these tags. 5. When I create parcels from objects and use line and curve segment label tools, I always have to use general line and curve styles under multipurpose labels, rather than parcel line and curve styles. To confuse things even more, the layout tab of most label style composers has a small drop down of other types of labels with more configurations. Let's say I am editing a general line label style, do I leave the curve label style and note label style alone? 6. Finally, is there a difference between having a label visible with no contents vs. not visible? I know this is a lot, but I would be very grateful for any help. Thank you again!
  4. I am setting up some architectural Multileader Styles to pull into various drawings as needed from the Designcenter. I have created 7 different scales of Multileaders and set their Text "Left and Right Attachments" to "Middle of top line". When I pull the styles into a drawing, the "Left Attachment" is true and is at the middle of the top line. However when I make a right attachment the multileader randomly decides to "Underline top line". I have thought of everything I can to try and fix it in the original file referenced from the designcenter...both attachments say "Middle of top line". I have overwrote the Styles in the file and saved things and closed down things and restarted things. lol I'm at a loss and so any help would be appreciated. Along the same lines - for these multileader styles I am creating, how can I get rid of default text? I would like to be able to just click the multileader tool, place it in my drawing, and begin typing - but somehow I cannot get rid of the "Contents" - or - "Default Text" because AutoCAD asks me if I want to overwrite the default text when I place it - in which I would always like to overwrite it so i'd rather have no default text and just be able to type asap. lol Thanks,
  5. Generalising on an idea I've had for a while, I offer this program to allow you to import (humourously: 'steal') items from another drawing into the current drawing. Steal Upon running the program the user is prompted for a selection of a drawing to steal from, and, upon selection, a dialog appears detailing items available for import. The user may choose multiple items from a list of... Blocks Layers Linetypes Dimension Styles Text Styles Table Styles MLeader Styles MLine Styles Layouts Page Setups User Coordinate Systems Views Groups Layer States Scales Materials Viewports Drawing Properties Custom Properties ...should these collections contain any items which aren't already present in the current drawing. Dialog Preview A full description of the program and the latest version can be found here. Enjoy! Lee StealV1-8.lsp
  6. harrison-matt

    dictadd styles

    All, I am looking for a page that has an eplanation and example showing how to create different styles in dxf. Kind regards, Matthew Harrison
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