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Relocation of loads presentation on demolition drawings


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I am working on a project where it involves relocating of some optional stand-by loads to the emergency side.


On the demolition electrical oneline drawings when the load is being demoed it is shown as dashed lines with mark up as demolished.


How is a load which is not being demoed but re-located or re-fed from a different source on demolition drawing.


Similarly how to show it on the floor plan as well.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Don't show it all on the same drawing as the demolition drawing. Instead, show "existing + demo" on one set of documents within the electrical set (Plan, 1-line diagram, details, etc), then show "remaining existing (after demo) + new/relocate" on a subsequent set of documents within the electrical set. Using different linetypes, lineweights, and/or screening to represent the demo/existing/new/relocated items respectively, based off your own company's standards.


This method breaks down the process much more clearly. It helps for the contractors to clearly bid the work, and it helps clearly define what's happening during each phase of the project.


Hope this helps. :)



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