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Why this attached blank drawing file is so heavy (9.2mb)???

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Hi, It is not practical to copy paste model objects and layouts of several drawings to create new drawing files.


That's funny. I copy and paste because it is not always practical to clean-up a file. It's usually a lot quicker than manually cleaning up. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't always fix everything and doesn't always work but it usually does the trick. Maybe you can make your copy/paste process faster and look into importing layouts so you won't be so hesitant to go that route.

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Dana W

I usually also do the copy and paste routine. However, before I copy them, I move all of it to layer 0 (zero) or copy some of my layers to the donor drawing and move the linework to them. A lot of the time, I have to explode numerous blocks, and run OVERKILL to delete extraneous and duplicate linework that gets generated from VIEWBASE or FLATTEN done by the originator of the 3D version. Just an hour ago I ran OVERKILL on a simple house elevation, and deleted over 6000 duplicate or overlapping objects.


Often, it is more expedient to simply trace over the donor geometry and copy only my new linework over.

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to avoid that, I am adding these 2 codes to startup

(repeat 3 (vl-cmdf "._-purge" "r" "*" "N"))


  ((lambda (dict)
    (if (dictsearch (namedobjdict) dict)
 (dictremove (namedobjdict) dict)
 (princ "\nDGN Line Styles Removed")
      (princ "\nDGN Line Styles not found")
 )			;Delete DGN


If the file still huge I'll use


then save the file

Then press *

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