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Draw a Lot using Coordinates from Google Earth

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Hi. I'm a beginner in CAD, I'm going to ask how to draft a lot using the coordinates(latitude and longitude) from google earth.



Point A.

Latitude: 11 Degree 18'2.22"N

Longitude: 124 Degree 57'46.89"E


Please check my attachment picture.12231423_967620576615012_385474057_n.jpg?oh=826b28687b034df6c55ff9c8441ced70&oe=564459A9

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There is no attachment and I'm not sure I know what you are asking exactly, but I have made a video on how to use degrees, minutes, seconds to draw a site boundary which I think is what you are trying to achieve, but on a bigger scale. If I am correct, the video I have made should show you how to do this. . The video can be viewed here

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You might try the program offered at http://www.earthpoint.us/BatchConvert.aspx to convert a list of latitude longitude coordinates to some other format. If you are in the USA consider state plane coordinates for output as this will give you a nice orthogonal coordinate system in feet. If you are not in the USA you can change the setting in Google Earth to UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) which yields an orthogonal coordinate system in kilometers which works out nicely if your data does not span UTM zones. Note, specifying latitude/longitude in the degrees-minutes-seconds format can be messy. Change your GE settings to decimal degrees.

A simple script file can be used to enter the resulting data into AutoCAD.


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QGIS *may* be another free option (with loads of other benefits, as an ArcGIS alternative), as you can use it to easily export SHP (Shapefile), etc.


[Edit] - Most municipalities (in the US at least) post this sort or GIS information on their websites as a free download as well; you really should try to download from the source first, rather than convert Google information, if being used for anything more than an initial exhibit; even then GIS is no substitute for actual survey data.



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...... rather than convert Google information.....


Google Earth converts its own information, all depending on how you set up the coordinates to show as Lat / Long or Universal Transverse Mercator. No further programmes are needed.

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