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Planning Permission Drawing CAD book

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Hi, I need to start drawing 2d floor plans and house plans for extensions.

These need to pass planning permission so I am assuming that walls need to be a certain thickness etc.

I was wondering if there are any books out there or any guides which can show me step by step how to produce a plan which can be passed by planning?



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so I am assuming that walls need to be a certain thickness etc.
This statement worries me a little bit, you want to draw house plans yet have no experience ? You probably should seek face to face advice from say a builder and read twice the post from Remark.


"with a degree of familiaraty with the Building reglations"
There are so many little things in building plans that will catch you out, I don't do house plans yes I have the quick draw to do the building but thats the easy part all the reg note stuff is what I dont keep up with, stuff like height of power points, location of smoke alarms, type of insulation. Extensions often need consulting engineer input as you are removing walls and changing roofs.


Here in AUS you must be registered to submit or be a Owner Builder the 2nd type the plans will still be checked by an authority who will probably scrutinize them more than from a registered drafting/design agency.


Lastly get some plans already done for a similar project and just note everything about them.


2nd lastly I was in a position of checking some house plans from a structural point of view and the designer was a Experienced Roads Bridge designer we rejected his plans 3 times the last we had a chat with him to advise he was out of his depth and he consulted with another engineer and we approved.

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Find out which planning authority you will be applying to, and have a look at previous planning applications on their website.


You can download PDFs of the drawings, and learn from what has been submitted and passed.

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I have done a bit of this before in the UK, as a sideline, and the planning portal as linked by ReMark was always my first stop when I needed to check the regulations.


This has now been privatised, but you can still download the approved documents, which give you legal requirements for sizes, angles, distances, insulation requirements, fire safety, building access, ventilation, etc., etc., for free.



Alternatively you can now download them from the governments own site:



Structural regulations, including thickness of walls is in 'Approved Document A' but you need to be aware of a lot more than just that.


Particulary for extensions you need to be looking at lighting and ventilation, soundproofing, stairways- angle of, height and going of treads, head clearance; drainage from bathrooms- size and fall of pipes, connections to existing sewarage arrangements; you get the idea.


Most UK council planning departments have a range of leaflets about planning and regulations, and whether you need planning permission for a project or not.


Most will also give a free initial meeting with homeowners considering extensions, and will comment on any problems with initial drawings.

Don't expect them to tell you how do do them though, they will just point out where something you have done may not be to regulations.


And as mentioned above check out your local council website; you can often view plans that have been approved in your area to give you an idea of the standard they are looking for.


One thing not to forget is that whatever plans you draw up and get approved the builder will do something differently, its just the way of builders don't get upset about it.

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