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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys, so I'm converting some IDWs to AutoCAD format, and when they go to open them dimensions are not showing up and some other things are jumbled about. I even opened them up in my AutoCAD and purged several times, and re saved them into DXFs and AutoCAD DWGs. Am I missing a step or something? What can I give them so they can just dimension it in their title block? STEP file?
  2. Hi, I need to start drawing 2d floor plans and house plans for extensions. These need to pass planning permission so I am assuming that walls need to be a certain thickness etc. I was wondering if there are any books out there or any guides which can show me step by step how to produce a plan which can be passed by planning? Thanks,
  3. Hey guys, hope your guys' summer have been awesome so far. I am working on a piece of code where I can save each layout as a 2004 autocad drawing (as well as bind any xref's and purge/audit the drawing). One of our clients requires this and depending on the project size it can take a long time manually. I was looking around for a code for a long time, and only one has come really close to what I was looking for... and I found it here I've taken certain parts of his code and b*stardized it to fit closer to my needs. One of the reasons using "wblock" doesn't work for my case is that I have templates made up with specific fields in the custom properties menu that I need to retain. Please note, this is a very rough and draft version. I haven't cleaned it up yet or added error checking yet. This was more of a tinkering/I never thought I'd be able to get it working project. So I got the code working great earlier this afternoon doing what I wanted it to do perfectly. I then started to work on error checking and fancying it up a bit when all of a sudden I'm getting a new error message: ; error: no function definition: VLAX-GET-ACAD-OBJECT I've since tried to undo/grab backups on this code and even using the restored version of the code (before this error starting showing up) and I'm still getting the same error. I don't know what's going on and I'm a bit in over my head. Any help with this is appreciated. (defun c:test (/) (foreach x (mapcar 'cadr (ssnamex (ssget "_X" '((0 . "INSERT") (410 . "MODEL")))));;select all objects (setq blk (cdr (assoc 2 (entget x))));; (if (assoc 1 (tblsearch "block" blk)) (command "_.xref" "bind" blk));;if an xref, bind into drawing );;end foreach (command "_.audit" "_yes" "" "_.audit" "_yes" "" "-purge" "_regapps" "" "_no" "_.purge" "all" "" "_no" "_.purge" "all" "" "_no" "_.purge" "all" "" "_no" );;end command (defun DelAllLayouts (Keeper / TabName) (vlax-for Layout (vla-get-Layouts (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object)) ) (if (and (/= (setq TabName (strcase (vla-get-name layout))) "MODEL") (/= TabName (strcase Keeper)) ) (vla-delete layout) ) ) );;end delalllayouts command (command "._undo" "_BE") (setq dn (getstring "Enter Filename: ")) (foreach lay (layoutlist) (setq path (getvar "DWGPREFIX"));;get filepath of the current drawing (setq filename (strcat path dn lay ".dwg")) (if (and (/= lay "Model") (> (vla-get-count (vla-get-block (vla-Item (vla-get-Layouts (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))) lay))) 1)) (progn (command "_.undo" "_M") (DelAllLayouts lay) (setvar "tilemode" 1) (command "_.ucs" "_w") (setvar "tilemode" 0) (command "_.zoom" "extents" "_.saveas" "2004" filename "_.undo" "_b" ) ) );;end if );; end foreach );;end defun
  4. Hello everyone, I've been learning AutoLisp for the last couple of weaks and started to write some simple codes to help me in my everyday-work. But today, while writting my program I faced some trouble trying to handle 2 dwg files open at the same time in AutoCAD. I'm trying to write a lisp to copy part of my original drawing, past that to a new drawing created automatically by the program and then execute some other commands at the second drawing. After all the commands I need my original file to be active again and the second one must close. Everytime the AutoCAD executes all the commands at the first drawing instead of doing that at the second. Is there a way to "pass" the lisp routine to the second file?? How can I change the active drawing and make the lisp program to change together? I'm stucked at this. If anyone have already passed trough this trouble, please help!
  5. Greetings, this is my first post so I hope it's in the right place. I have an AutoCAD 2009 user who is having a very strange problem. He will open a drawing to edit it. At some point during his editing process the same drawing opens again in read/write mode. This causes problems because he has mistakenly saved over his edits with the old version that he did not edit. I have tried googling this particular problem but have only found this forum and some other sites that suggest malware on the PC. I have ruled out malware and now I'm humbly asking for any advice/suggestions you can give me to fix this issue. Has anyone ever heard of this problem? I've found many sites that talk about "stealing focus" but not any mention of opening of duplicate files with read/write permissions.
  6. Hi all, as you know there is a way to get a list of all opened drawings. (defun Get:OpenDrawings ( / *dwg* *acdocs*) (vlax-for <doc> (MT:vla-get-Documents) (if (eq "" (setq *dwg* (vla-get-fullname <doc>))) (setq *dwg* (vla-get-name <doc>))) (setq *acdocs* (cons (cons (strcase *dwg*) <doc>) *acdocs*)) ) (reverse *acdocs*) ) (Get:OpenDrawings) returns an assoc list of all opened drawings' ((name1 . vla-object1) (name2 . vla-object2) ... (nameN . vla-objectN)) Is there a way to get all opened drawings in current session as ObjectDBX?
  7. Spurred into life by this thread, I thought I'd update an old program of mine. I have created this program to enable a user to extract the layer information from multiple drawings in a directory to either Text/CSV file. Example of XML data output using XSL to display data in a CSS styled HTML Table: Enjoy! Lee Code can be found here
  8. Hi, I have been learning Autodesk inventor lately, and I am quite excited about it. I have been doing a lot, the problem though I need dimensions to model things, because I am at the beginning stages, and I don't have any sort of experience in design, I mean I have zero knowledge about design principles and philosophies. So my approach has been to imitate what I see, I get pictures like this http://iadesigns.com.au/53_Bevel_Gear_Support_exercise.jpg http://furnituredesignbank.com/Blog/Entries/2011/4/1_8_This_stool_can_be_made_in_various_heights._files/dimensioned%20drawing.jpg Like so, I prefer pictorial drawings, they are easier to understand that side views. I am sure there is somewhere to look for these kind of things, so please help me. I tried google images search engine.. key words like "dimensioned drawings", but no avail... Thank you very much!
  9. My laptop crashed with 2005 but I still have the disks with my drawings stored in them. The 2005 is so old it won't load onto Win7 in my new laptop. But I do have a friend who has 2009. Can I still access my drawings. Thank you.....
  10. Thanks in advance for any help with this issue. I was asked to convert a .DWG to a .PDF. The .DWG came from a manufacturer and displayed 3 pages worth of content that was seperated into 3 Engineering Drawings. The layout included all 3 pages. I want to Plot this document to a 3 Page PDF. Do I need to create 3 seperate layouts? How do I specify what part of the model goes into a particular layout? Is this a common problem? What is considered best practice for solving the problem.
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