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issue with profile view labels


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I want to be able to add a profile view label that will label the station and profile elevation by entering the station and having the label 'extract' the elevation from a selected profile. The inquiry tool will report the elevation but that's not what I require. I have also been unsuccessful in creating an expression that will do this.


To sum it up, I want to add a profile view station and elevation label by selecting or entering the station and then selecting/picking the design profile.


Any and all help is appreciated.




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first, thanks for your reply





I have a 'test' style that includes the reference text as you mention. This is the problem I am having with that style:



I pick the profile view

select or type the station

then it prompts for the elevation and I pick a point within the profile view

then it prompts for the reference profile

I select it from the list of available profiles

it places the label at the station and 'elevation' I selected

problem is the label reports the profile elevation but is not placed at the profile elevation

...say the profile station and elevation is 1+00.00 is 500' the label shows reports the correct values but is not placed at that elevation on the profile, it goes to the elevation I initially selected



any additional help is appreciated

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Ah, ok, if you want it to automatically snap to the profile, too, then I think you will need a custom programming solution. The Sincpac-C3D add-on has a tool to link PV labels to a profile which will move them to the correct location. It will also update them if the profile changes.

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thanks for the reply



my ideal situation would be to:



pick or type the station

pick the profile or select it from a list

have label placed at the station and elevation of the profile (on the profile)



.....driving me silly, seems like something that should be in there somewhere.



the only solution I have found is to place a cogo point on the alignment, project it to the profile view

apply the profile as the reference elevation for the point and then place a station and elevation label at the projected cogo point (with osnap node)



if any other thoughts come to mind please let me know.



thank you,


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I could be off on this but have you tried Add Labels and use Profile View under the Feature drop down? It allows you to pick a station and labels the elevation and other do dads that you can customize

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That's exactly where I run into problems. I can add a label but just not the way I want to. I have aggressively tried many options for the label but it just will not behave.



Thanks for your time and assistance. If you happen across any additional information please share it with me.



best regards,


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