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LISP for create new layer on open dwg


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Hi I've been looking for a LISP that will create a new layer with a given name ("DATA EXTRACTION") every time I open up a dwg (unless that layer already exists) and make that layer current. I have found a couple of similar LISP routines but they don't do just that.

Any help much appreciated.

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Welcome to CADTutor James. :)


A lisp could certainly do this, but you would do well to look at the following lisp from Lee Mac's wonderful website.




Thanks Lee! :beer:


I have this placed in my start up lisp folder, so that it is always running in the background.

Anybody who doesn't follow suit is doing themselves and their company a huge disservice.

They are wasting time, energy and by extension money.


As with most things in life, and especially in technical drawings, there is much to be said for consistency.

Everything getting placed on the appropriate layers automagically, even if the layers don't exist, without the need to create or even monitor the current layer?

What's not to like?

Being accurate?


Take it around the block, you'll be glad you did!

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Put this into your acaddoc.lsp file

(if (tblsearch "layer" "DATA EXTRACTION")
   (command "-layer" "s" "DATA EXTRACTION" "")
   (command "-layer" "m" "DATA EXTRACTION" "")

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Thanks I will try that lisp tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

I have used Lee Mac's lisps including the layer director. It is a great timesaver if you are designing stuff but for me I'm mainly manipulating architect or structural dwgs and extracting data for setting out. I'm very impressed by anyone who can produce a lisp routine because I haven't got a scooby how they work.....:D

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Hi I put the lisp in Support but it hasn't made any difference........


What happens when you copy the code from my previous post, paste it to the command line and hit Enter?

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'findfile' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file


Did you include the parentheses with the findfile function call on command line?

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Copy following line and paste it to command line and press Enter:


(findfile "acaddoc.lsp")


What happens when you do that?

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no i didn't, here is a copy:


Command: findfile Unknown command "FINDFILE". Press F1 for help.

Command: "acaddoc.lsp"

Unknown command "LSP"". Press F1 for help.

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