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Found 10 results

  1. Hello. I am using an old acad.lsp file with custom modified commands. After years of using it without any problems, it suddenly stopped working. This happened on two different computers with different versions of autocad (17 and 18) and without any software or windows updates. AutoCAD prompted me to change "command" to "command-s" in the lisp file and it resumed working. The problem now is that whenever i open a .dwg file it keeps asking me if i want to save the file on c: drive. I would like this to stop. Does anybody know if this is a lisp file issue and how to solve it?
  2. Hello All, I am working with C3D 2018 French version since 2 months now in my new work (I used to work with C3D 2020 English version). Every time I open a drawing, in the startup suite the command vscurrent sets to 3D Hidden. I'd like to know how to remove this command from the drawing startup sequence. Thank You, Guibombe
  3. samifox

    modify startup screen

    hi im using several costumized version of the same autocad. i would like to chang the startup screen, is that possible? Thanks Shay
  4. Hello all. First off let me thank Lee Mac for all that he does with LISP and how he helps others out. He is a great value to the community. Now for the question I have been trying to get his Tip of the day lisp working. I have the lisp in my startup suite, it and the text file are both in a support file search path, and it does not show a tip at the start of the day. The Lisp does load because I can type (LM:tip) and it shows a tip, it just does not show anything for the first dwg of the day. Could the issue be that I am using Civil 3D 2015, maybe so variable that is causing the problem? http://www.lee-mac.com/tipoftheday.html
  5. I've been using Autocad 2017 hobbyist/student version for a few months, all was going well until I wanted to play with materials. I downloaded medium resolution materials, installed service pack 1, went well. Got materials to work. If I tried hitting things in dialog box without waiting a few seconds for lines to populate, I'd get a fatal error: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0000 Exception at 459fda4h, ff31fda4h, 209fda4h etc. I can't close (docked) dialog boxes before fatal error so I tried switches in shortcut, like /safemode, /nohardware, no change. Is there a switch that closes all dialog boxes on start up? I tried: Cntl+0 clean screen, Cntl+3 toggle tool palettes, Cntl+Shft+H hide palettes at startup, I even renamed the acad.cfg to see if it would build a new one. I also used control panel uninstall/repair to repair it. I'm using Lenovo Yoga 11e laptop, Intel N2940 Quad-Core, above minimal specs for program to run. Any ideas? Thanks! Ramon
  6. Hi I've been looking for a LISP that will create a new layer with a given name ("DATA EXTRACTION") every time I open up a dwg (unless that layer already exists) and make that layer current. I have found a couple of similar LISP routines but they don't do just that. Any help much appreciated.
  7. When I initially startup cad i see this... Regenerating model. Command: Command: Command: Command: Command: Command: Command: Command: AutoCAD menu utilities loaded. Just curious as to how to debug to find out whats causing this so I can silence them or hide them. I have tried a couple things but haven't concluded yet. Any help is appreciated. God bless
  8. Maybe it is better to ask the question in this manner: What is the best way to manage the LISP codes and know when to load which code from which address. Maybe it is not wise to load all codes at ACAD startup as it is related to loading, I can assume it consumes bits and bytes and make the program fat which is not good. But my problem is that: When number of codes are handful, there is no problem remembering the name and what they do, but when they increase it is hard to know which LISP is necessary and in which folder I should look for it? How the you guys manage your LISP codes?
  9. Hello All, I have a co-workers machine that freezes durring startup. He is running Acad ME 2010 and everything starts up correct until it get to " _RIBBON" in the command line. After that it just freezed and stops starting up. When I go into task manager it says its "not responding" I have tried to uninstall and reinstall Acad twice to no avail. Any ideas?
  10. jay3791

    AutoCAD 2008 on startup

    When I open a drawing or start a new drawing I get the following on the command line and have to hit esc to start a new command: Opening an AutoCAD 2004/LT 2004 format file. Regenerating model. AutoCAD Express Tools Copyright © 2002-2004 Autodesk, Inc. AutoCAD menu utilities loaded..undefine Enter command name: copy .. Loading Mend v2.0... ............toolbar Enter toolbar name or [ALL]: SWFILECONV.TB_XW Toolbar not found. Enter toolbar name or [ALL] : show Toolbar not found. Enter toolbar name or [ALL] : Steel Shapes - Version 4.3 - by Design Point now loaded. Type SS to start command.Enter toolbar name or [ALL] : Command: I am guessing a problem loading a menu utilites but I don't know how to fix it. Any suggestions?
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