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SDF data table


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Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if I'm doing something wrong. o:)


I would like to populate a SDF feature data table in AutoCAD Map 3D with a autolisp routine. I've been searching the internet for days and could not find any clues so I assume it's not possible to do that. So what I'm thinking now is to maybe export the data that I get from the lisp routine to some kind of database (dbf, access, excel ...) and then join it with the SDF. Does anyone have any suggestions how to that? Thanks in advance!


-------- What my lisp routine does is, it selects al the parcels one by one, creates a new feature from object (new column in the data table), generates a GUID number, reads the parcel number and promts for user imput for some data that is the same for all parcels.


-------- I'm confused a little bit now. The command 'New feature from object' creates a new column i the data table that is related with the coresponding parcel. When I click the column the parcel is selected.


****Will I be able to get the relation between the parcel and column if I export the data to another database and then join it with the SDF. Maybe if I let the lisp create the columns in the SDF data table for all the parcels and than later when joining the database somehow make the data go in the empty columns created by the lisp?****

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