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Slow AutoCAD when in Paperspace with PLOT STYLES turned ON

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I have noticed a similar pattern with quite a lot of drawings recently.


I work a lot in Paperspace and quite a lot of my files have recently started lagging awfuly if I have 'Display Plot Styles' box ticked as part of my Page Setup. If I turn the Plot Styles off, it resumes back to normal, but it is incredibly annoying to work with all the colours on.


Is this due to the amount of information I might have on the particular Layout?

Does it happen once a certain amount of data has been drawn in the particular drawing file?

Is it because my computer can't keep up with showing plot styles if there is too much information?


Would welcome any thoughts or answers on this as I am wondering if I just need a better machine. I am fully aware that the current one is not great.


Current spec.


Processor: AMD A8-4555M APU with Radeon HDGraphics 1.60GHz




Many thanks!

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This is a notebook computer that utilizes an onboard graphics chip right? I think the combination of processor and graphics chip puts the performance level of your notebook somewhere between a Pentium and a Core i3. You could be taxing your system. Either stop what you are doing or consider upgrading to a better computer.

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Where are the plot styles located?

Check that folder for Windows shortcuts, or anything out of the ordinary.


As a test, take your CTB/STB file and drop it in a new (otherwise empty) folder, and map this folder as your plot style folder.

Try again.

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