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U-Turn modelling


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Are you saying Civil 3D doesn't do cul-de-sacs?


BTW...Civil 3D questions are best posted in the AutoCAD Vertical Products forum. This forum is for plain AutoCAD which does not possess the same feature set as Civil 3D.

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Don't know mate. It's difficult for me because I have to keep the profile which goes through the centerline of the road before the U-turn. Have completly no idea how to even start it.

Guess so subassemblies won't be usefuel as the endpoint is behind the section between edge of the U-turn and centerline. Another thing is that, at the edge of Uturn I have to prepare a ditch.




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Ahhhhhh....the Internet. How did we live without it?


I don't use Civil 3D but I do know how to do a search. Follow this link. Maybe one or more of the search results will get you started on your way until a fourm member with actual experience in the program and knowledge of which you seek is able to assist you.



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You need to make an alignment along the kerb starting before the end TP and finishing after the opposite TP this way you get the correct grades at the TP points. Remark is right culdesac or here in AUS a court Bowl.


Easiest way for first timers is design along back of kerb and go right around the court bowl. You change the road shape at the TP from a full road to a kerb. This is just one method.


Like Remark pretty sure there are some tutorials out there its a common problem. Hard to explain quickly in a post like this.

Screen Shot 11-17-16 at 05.29 PM.PNG

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