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How to draw side view knowing only top and front view?


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My question is not related to CAD directly, however some of you may help to get a proper answer. It is about drawing 3 views of an object.


My daughter is a 1st semester student in Mechanical Engineering dept. She has drawing course. She asks me to help her with following problem.


Two views from three views (top-front- side) of an object is given. She has to draw the 3rd view without knowing the perspective of the object.

She knows the basics but mess up when the question becomes hard.

What is your comments for helping her to master imagination techniques? Is there any downloadable book in this regard?

I have heard about a software which helps with mastering this techniques but a search in Google was not helpful.

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Just search for "draw missing view" or "missing view problem" and you should find both static and video tutorials. This type of problem is commonly given to engineering and architectural students.


Here's one link to get you started.




BTW...you don't need software to master this technique. All you need is a pencil, some graph paper and a lot of practice.

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I'm not sure how perspective enters into this problem since I think we are talking strictly about orthographic views. Perhaps your daughter should start out with a simple problem such as this one.


Given the top and front views draw the side view of the object pictured below. Hint: It's a matter of projection.



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Here is another simple one with a slight difference. Note the end with the small "x". It must be accounted for in the side view. Hint: different linetype.



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What is your comments for helping her to master imagination techniques?


As ReMark said, practice is a good way to improve visualization skills.


Engineering graphics textbooks usually start with problem sets of objects that have only flat surfaces that are parallel to the principal planes. Then cylindrical and slanted surfaces are introduced. Engineering Graphics books by Bertoline are popular (he has a series of them).

Check out the problems on page 433 of this link to chapter 8 of one of his book.




You can also try a google search on "descriptive geometry missing view problems".



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Google "Orthographic Projection". It's the way it was done back in the paper only days, and the easiest way to learn. You can make the top view to side view projection easier by simply copying the top view, place it directly over the place where the side view will be. and rotate it 90 degrees. Then project the lines down from it, and across from the front view.


Lines that appear on any other view and not on the aux view(s) should be hidden (dashed) lines.

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