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Count Specific Block Name and Insert Block to Coords Depending on Block Count


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Hi there,


I'm looking for a Lisp routine that can count the number of one specific nested block (it will always have the same name) within a single layout, and then automatically insert the same block (which doesn't need to be nested) to differing coordinates depending on how many of that block there already is.


I am having doubts to whether this would even be possible but I thought I would ask.

Seeing as nested blocks can be counted through Lisp, I figured it might be possible.


I've began to explore the world of Lisp and am using a few different routines currently.

They work great but I am nowhere near at a stage where I can write a detailed Lisp routine myself.


[using AutoCAD 2017 full version]


Thanks guys,



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Hi, thanks for the suggestion but that is not quite what I'm looking for.

Looking back at my original post I realise that I have asked the wrong question.


The block in question will no longer be nested. :oops:


So, the block will simply need to be counted from within PS. (That is, the block will be in paper space and I will also be in paper space.)

Then, a block with the same name would then be inserted into paper space at coordinates relative to the block count found.


For example:


Block count = 1, insert block at 0,0,0

Block count = 2, insert block at 0,50,0

Block count = 3, insert block at 0,100,0

...and so on.



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