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Is it possible and if so how to add views of the different state of objects?

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Hello, dear CADers :)


this is my first post, so please don't rip my head off.

I may lack the vocabulary to describe things the right way, but I will try.


So I am making a drawing of a sliding door in 3D. Threre are two parts and they are of exactly same shape.

I need to represent it from the front (half closed, and completely closed) and from the top (half closed, and completely closed).

I know a bit about the viewports, but my questions is a bit more detailed.

Is it possible (and if so how) to represent the door from views on the same page*?


Do I just create two separate doors ( one open and one shut) and then change the layers so that one would be on f.e. CLOSED DOOR layer and the other one would be on the OPEN DOOR layer(and then block representation of the ones that I don't want in the viewport?)


I hope that my question is clear enough.

I attach a pdf of how I have it now.


13JAN slider 927.pdf

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Hi there and welcome here.

There are a lot of techniques that can be learned and used.

But to make it easier for you as honest beginner i would recoment you just draw it 'twice'

Make a good drawing from the shut version, then copy it (ortho, f8, on) with a FIXED distance to the left or right (lets say 5 m or so. Why fixed? To keep a good relation between the two so you can copy to/from.. After that you can try to use the sliding part as block and the fixt part as block.. DOOOO .. Homer ;-)

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thank you, halam :)

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