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Anyone have a hatch like this?


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Not at the moment. Have you considered using Express Tools and the Superhatch command under Draw?


"Superhatch works like the hatch command, but it allows you to use an image, block, xref, or WIPEOUT object as a hatch pattern."

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The super hatch isn't so good for staggering; I need something with a random look like the concrete hatch.


Superhatch is quite good for staggering. But no hatch can be random, it has to have a repeating pattern.


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Is the pattern meant to represent bubbles or a glass pattern? If you can tolerate occasionally overlapping circles you could try overlaying multiple, differently scaled hatches.


A custom pattern could be built up by concatenating multiple copies of a simple circle pattern similar to that mentioned above, each scaled and translated differently within Excel.


Or you could create a hatch pattern simply by drawing it and feeding it to a visual hatch pattern editor.

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BenE: I think the OP wants a little more randomness than you've shown. Could you add a couple more rows of seemingly random circles to that routine? Just curious.

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Try this - it's three 10 unit circles on a skewed repetition. They won't overlap.


Hatchkit v2.7 added circles (ellipses) to its sketching tools which makes this sort of thing quite easy.


If you prefer, you can use AutoCAD to draw a repeating motif then use the Windows clipboard or DXF to transfer the motif to HatchKit to produce the pattern.


Hugh Adamson

Cadro Pty Ltd



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All patterns will repeat eventually because of the way they are defined.


Often there's a trade-off involved. While it is possible to avoid visible repetitions by defining a pattern larger than any of the areas to be hatched, the definition can become unmanageably large if fine random detail is also required.


It's just as easy to create a larger pattern than the one I posted but I'd appreciate some input on how large it needs be.




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