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Offset, radius smaller than offset distance


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I have a polyline, which is made of lines and arcs. One or more arc could have radius smaller than offset distance (offset direction to inside of arc). Basically autacad says "Cannot offset that object". In this case i must xplode polyline and offset other part of polyline without the problematic arc, chamfer them and make it polline again.

Is there any workaround? Many times I have to draw polylines and offset them and it drives my crazy :reallymad:

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I've personally never seen that error in autocad with properly constructed POLYLINE. It simply squares of the corner of either a fillet or chamfer . -David

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The polylines that I'm drawing are many different shapes for example: teddy bears, fruits, animals, hearts, people, plants and many, many others. The polylines are printed on 3d printer to create the mold. So the work look like that:

-I have a gif, jpg or whatever of for example horse

-I 'm drawing a polyline of shape of horse

-then I'm making offset 3 times with different distances (offset is always outside polyline)

-then all polylines are extruded with different high

-the inside 3d solid is cutted off

-that it, I have a mold.


So the shapes of polylines are generally made of many arcs, and some of them, sometimes must have very small radius. I know that I can do You said but it won't fasten my work :)

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