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Help needed in AutoCAD 2018


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Greetings, everyone !


May I introduce myself a bit : I'm Gauvain Boiché, I'm currently studying Video Games in Belgium. I am now in an internship in a small company.


We usually use 3DS Max 2017 for modelling, but now I'm struggling on a problem, as I have to use AutoCAD 2018. And I am totally lost. To be honest, I'm not intended to use AutoCAD after that, so this is really a one-shot of despair :(


It is for a very-very small problem. We have to sell some of my products for a bigger company, but they are asking it in DWG. And I have to convert my FBXes with Material IDs to DWG, with the good colors, to Revit.


We found a "good" tutorial about it, here :


Long story short : I don't speak Spanish ( or Portugese ) and the shower is not telling anything I can understand. Probably he is using a shortcut I can't translate.


He lost me at 5:10 in the video.


I managed to re-organize my workspace, which looks like this : http://i.imgur.com/IMhfktT.png


Now, I'm really struggling, and I have basically no time to just learn about AutoCAD, and not even Revit then.


So, my question is :


- How did he select point on the object, bypassing in the process the unwanted ones ?


And, to be shorter, if you know any way to just export an object from 3DS Max with material IDs and good color directly to Revit, I would be eternally grateful :)


Thank you in advance for your time !

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As far as I know, there is no other way to get 3ds Max models into Revit except as .dwg format. But, you can export your Max models to .3ds format or .fbx format and then import those into Autocad. I don't know if you will have any better luck getting your textures to come along and display properly in Autocad though. I think that no matter what format you export from Max, you will have to reapply your textures and rebuild your materials in Autocad.

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