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Why would my triple dash line appear as a double dash line?


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Hello, I am using some filters in Revit 2018 to make my piping show up as certain lines, and I have my hot water return line set up to be orange and triple dash. I have my regular hot water line set to show up as red and with a double dash line. However, when I started to draw my pipes in, they are both showing up as a double dash. Has anyone noticed any issues with line types in Revit 2018 or would anyone know any reason why it is not showing up correctly? Thanks in advance for any help!

Triple Dash Problem.jpg

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Have you double checked the Filter? Also, don't forget about Graphic Overrides, which is something other than Filters which can conflict depending on how they're set up.


Can you post more screenshots of your Filters and your Graphic Overrides?



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Here is how my filter is set up, I am pretty sure it's not something that is happening from a graphic override. Ive used the same filter in earlier versions of Revit with this same template and it never had any issues before.

Triple Dash Override 1.jpg

Triple Dash Override 2.jpg

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I did not think to check that, but it doesn't seem to be the issue either. It is set to make domestic hot water always red, and I have the filter set to change pipes with system names set to have 'HWR' in it. What confuses me is the filter is working as far as changing the color, and it does change the line type to be double dash, but it is set to change it to triple dash instead. I don't know where the double dash is coming in.

System Type Overrides.jpg

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The only other thing I can think of is this: Filters are hierarchical, meaning the order from Top to Bottom matters. Filters at the top retain priority. Select the HWR1 Filter and use the "Up" button so that it's at a higher level than the Domestic Hot Water Filter.


See if this does the trick.

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