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Layer State Beginner


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My drawings have multiple layouts with multiple View Ports in each, the drawing has a few Layer States set up (mainly made up of VP freezes). Within each layout all different layer states are used in various view ports.


Problem is when I have to update a layer state they don't automatically update all the view port using the same layer state. I have to individually click into each view port and restore the state via the layer manager the (there are hundreds of view ports).


Is there a variable I have to set (my VISRETAIN is set to 1 and would like to keep at 1)?

How can I make the layer state apply changes to all view ports (if not the whole drawing then layout by layout would help) using the same layer state when updated?

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Welcome to CADTutor Tudors. :)


I am not aware of any way to do that within Autocad, short of a custom lisp, as each of the viewports layer properties has been modified internally. :|

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In the Layer States dialog box if "Apply properties as viewport overrides" is checked the layer state is applied as viewport overrides in current viewport. Why not simply apply the layer state to the Model tab so the layer properties are set in every viewport at once?

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"Apply properties as viewport overrides" was checked, and still viewports do not update with updated layer states.


I have already applied a layer state to model tab for certain view ports in paper, but i still have other layer states to apply in other viewports with in the same paper/layout space.


Lets just say i have 15 viewports in one layout tab.

5 VPs use model space layer state A

5 VPs use paper space layer state B

5 VPs use paper space layer state C


Really there is over 50 layouts and multiple drawings, if i could do it within the drawing that would be a huge time saver because layer state names are different per drawing.

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