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Publish is plotting drawing in lower right side rather than full page


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Hey guys,


I am having an issue I've never seen before.


I am trying to publish a set of drawings into one PDF file with DWG to PDF. However, when I do it looks like this (blackout added):




When I zoom extents the drawing, it shows there's nothing out there. The page size is 11X17 and it plots to that size.


When I plot the drawings individually it looks like this:




I am really stumped on what it could be and welcome any insights.

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Your profile says you're running ACAD 2016. Do you have access to ACAD 2015 or 2017?

Reason I ask, we have a system here that has the same issue. We created custom page setups for importing with separate plot areas selected and it would still happen.

Strange thing is, if we run the publish in ACAD 2015, 2017 or 2018 on the system, the PDFs come out normal.

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I moved away from Publish as we had some screwy problems like what your talking about and went to custom lisps, they work every time. I also acknowledge others have no problems using Publish one of those frustrating problems.

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Plot is a lot more forgiving by design, to be automated Publish prefers Named Page Setups using layout. From Sheet Set Manager I'm given the choice to Publish the Sheet Set either to the plotter or to PDF. I import layouts and Named Page Setups with custom lisp macros in the Ribbon.

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There has always been issues related to plotting in AutoCAD that affect both Plot and Publish link below to the official work-around for one that's never been fixed:


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