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Using visibility states


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I've been toying with this feature for a while and I must say it has saved

me a lot of time. I have posted one of my dynamic casework blocks below.

It is actually 4 individual pieces of casework in one block. Reason being is

i have Handicap Accessible heights to deal with. Adult counter top height is

34"max. Elementary 29" max. and kindergarten/preschool is 24" max. Plus

standard adult height which is 36" max. My problem here was the shelving

arrangement. Because my casework is not all even dimensions, I couldn't use

the stretch command and get even spacing. So i created one piece of casework

and then set up 3 other visibility states. With each state I hid the previous

cabinet and inserted another cabinet and so on. I also had to make a visual

state for back splashes as on a wet wall or one that has a sink, i needed to

have them. on others, i was able to turn them off I also had to do this for

some dimensions as I also arrayed the casework and sometimes i don't

need the overall dim to be there if only one cabinet is used. I'm sure there

may be faster ways to do this but this one worked for me and I was able to

eliminate single blocks out of my library making more space on the network

drive. Anyway, I hope you like it.

180 - 36x24.dwg

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