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Blocks and multiple visibility


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How about one block for all the different size boards with a meter, and another block without the meter.


Within the block the visibility states for the boards will be one for each size. Rename each visibility state to the size of the board it shows visible and select all the other boards to be invisible for that state.


This will probably be the way I head tbh

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Hmmm confusing, I thought the OP is referring to the parameters associated with the parametric tab in the ribbon or menu, so dimensional or geometric constraints(or user defined in the parameters manager), and these to the best of my knowledge can't be created in LT. But then you also have the Parameters/Actions in the dynamic block editor which of course LT can fully utilize.


I was ultimately refering to dynamic blocks within dynamic blocks.

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If I used a dynamic block representing types of fire detectors with 5 or more visible states. Is it possible to do a block count for each state?

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I have to be honest, although you can do some amazing things with dynamic blocks, the original intention of blocks is to save time and memory by having repeatable content, but experience has shown me that you can spend many hours even days and weeks, creating really complicated extravagant blocks that do everything, when in reality several simpler blocks would perform just as well and take a fraction of the time to create the only difference being you have to select more blocks when using them.
I know exactly what you mean there. Another caveat to using a lot of complicated blocks is that they don't help much in custom situations.


I have spent many hours building dynamic blocks in my template drawing, only to have our average customer desire one-off custom work that eliminates most of my standard cabinetry blocks. It is only in the straightforward kitchen or employee break room where blocks take care of almost 100% of my drawing work. It's hard to use blocks when each customer wants their reception area and lobby to look like an alien spaceship from a different planet. It is in those areas where the drawing work is still line by line.



By the way, it is the parametric constraints originated in full AutoCad that LT can see, and display, and even react to, but LT cannot edit them. One can only turn them off, or erase them in LT. AutoDesk put the delete option in LT because they severely handicap a LT user trying to use a drawing with them in there.

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