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Pipeline Fittings


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We are designing a regulator station and currently use inventor for majority of our projects as they typically require high detail. For this smaller project we decided it would be more beneficial to do it all in C3D. We don't require any 3D views or layouts but do need the profiles showing fittings/piping. Is there a database where a lot of this is stored (3R Elbows, Thredolets, Caps, Blow-downs, Valves, etc.)? I know that manufacturers sometimes has a lot of their information on their website and even in .dwg format but it seems like we will need to redraw a lot of what we need based on the specifications/dimensions.


Any information is useful, thank you.

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Are you familiar with how C3D draws pipe networks?  It sounds to me like you basically just need a profile drawing that shows what will be installed and where?

I'll be honest I don't have a lot of experience in pipe networks but this is how I would proceed - simplified version.


You would need to create your EG surface by importing your survey data (assuming you have it).  You might need to create a couple different alignments.  At minimum, you would need the alignment for the new pipe main.  You would need to tie this in to the existing main via existing civil3d asbuilts from the client (assuming that part applies).


You would then draw your new pipe network per the design. 


I would create a new pipe network style and create a new parts list for that style which would include your blocks from the manufacturer for each applicable fitting.

I would then go back through ensuring the fittings/parts are all correct.


Once all that was done I would then create the profile.

After that its just making sure your parts are showing up as intended and setting the profile up on a sheet.

Everything should display as intended along the alignment.


I would also obviously create a viewport in paperspace to show an overall plan - so that would be on a separate sheet.




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