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OK, that can work. Attached is a new version of the code that will also accept leaders. The code assumes that the 2nd point of a leader is the view position, with the 1st point (the arrow) determining the view direction. You will still have to modify the code to suit your geo coordinate system (as discussed via PM).  

Sample_new.dwg StreetViewUpdate.lsp

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So I am trying something new. Why not try using a line instead of a leader. The code works but I am having a problem with updating the browser within SV. If I reapply the routine to the line, the browser updates. Any idea what might be causing this?


(defun c:SvUpdate ( / dat enm obj)
      (setq enm (car (entsel)))
      (setq obj (vlax-ename->vla-object enm))
;;        (= "AcDbBlockReference" (vla-get-objectname obj))
;;        (= "AcDbLeader" (vla-get-objectname obj))
        (= "AcDbLine" (vla-get-objectname obj))
;;        (prompt "\nError: this is not a block reference ")
;;        (prompt "\nError: this is not a Leader ")
        (prompt "\nError: this is not a Line ")
      (if *SvUpdate_objectReactor*
        (vlr-remove *SvUpdate_objectReactor*)
      (setq *SvUpdate_objectReactor*
          (list obj)
          (setq dat ; Reactor data.
;;              (vlax-get obj 'insertionpoint)
;;              (vlax-get obj 'Coordinates)
              (vlax-get obj 'Endpoint)
;;              (vlax-get obj 'rotation)
              (vlax-get obj 'angle)
            (:vlr-modified . SvUpdate_CallBackModified)
      (SvUpdate_ChangeView (car dat) (cadr dat))


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Google blocks the use of the map in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. I'm trying to replace the SvUpdate_Navigate function with open-in-chrome, but so far, I haven't been successful. Can someone lend me a hand with this?

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