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FIELD Bugs in windows x64


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hi guys

i have a FIELD expression working fine in AC2007 old 32bit desktop 
LINE's delta properties= x,y  multiply scale factor

eg: 0.03,-0.04 x 1000, then entmake MTEXT should display 



but it's weird, Bricscad/v19/win7 x64 (sorry as i'm newbie)
dX %<cExpr (1000 * %<cObjProp Object(%<\_ObjId 1889532720>%).Delta

after double click to edit it became
dX %<\_FldIdx 0a
(if ACAD double click to edit FIELD, a dialog pops up, you can check formula 1000 * 0.030 & preview)


can you replicate this bug?? 

(defun foo (obj x)
  (apply 'strcat
     (mapcar '(lambda (a b)
            (strcat a
                "%<\\AcExpr ("
                (rtos (float x) 2 0)
                " * %<\\AcObjProp Object(%<\\_ObjId "
                (itoa (vla-get-objectid obj))
                ">%).Delta \\f \"%lu2%pt"
                ") \\f \"%lu2%pt"
                " \n"
         '("dX " "dY ")
         '("1" "2")


test delta x=0.03 y=-0.04

(setq pt (getpoint "\nSpecify point.. "))
        (setq    en (entmakex (cons '(0 . "LINE")
                                    '(lambda (a b) 
                                           (cons a (mapcar '+ pt b))
                          '(10 11)
                              '((0. 0.) (0.03 -0.04))
   (list '(0 . "MTEXT") 
          '(100 . "AcDbEntity")
          '(100 . "AcDbMText")
           (cons 40 (getvar 'textsize))
           (cons 10 pt)
           (cons 1 (foo (vlax-ename->vla-object en) 1000.) ))


need some comparison 


eg: xxxcad/20xx/winxx
dX ? ? ? ?
dY ? ? ? ?

or something else?

if there's bug, any solution?


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On 4/6/2020 at 9:08 AM, BIGAL said:

Not sure but 

dX %<cExpr (1000 * %<cObjProp Object(%<\_ObjId 1889532720>%).Delta

2 x ((

only 1 )



@BIGAL further discussions, here..


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