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Does Extended entity definition data carry over into the drawing explorer?


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So basically what i've done is i've made a single dwg with all the blocks we use for drafting,  which can then be taken to a tool pallete for ease.

It was my intention to add some extended definition data that would have the scale of the original block from that dwg, then, when the block is inserted into a new drawing, i can run another lisp that looks for the extended data in the form of (-3 ("ES" ("1040 . 200)))  shown here for a 200 scale block. Then a simple entmod of all the scale factors for these blocks based on a desired scale would correctly resize them.

So far it works really well for blocks in the model space (the the defn data is appended with ) and then a simple click, and entering of a desired scale, allows all drawings with this appdata to be resized; this also works is the block is copied over, or copied to multiple drawings.

But using the tablenext method to go through the blocks in drawing explorer, they wont get inserted with this extra data, which means inserting the block wont have the extended data included, and im guessing it wont work by inserting from a tool palette either.

Any hot tips of how to overcome this?

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Why don't you use annotative blocks? And why don't your 'symbol' blocks have the same scale?


Regarding the issue: try adding the Xdata to the block definition instead of the block reference.

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Hey mate i haven't used this but ill look into using annotative blocks as an alternative; see if i can find some good learning resorces. The main this i want to achieve is to only be resizing the "ES" blocks, and leaving all other blocks in the drawing alone

The blocks may not be the same scale as a new block may be introduced to the tool palette at another time, but from a different scale.

Also never knew the difference between block definition or reference before today, huge help and ill look into that too.
For anyone else who is interested:


Block definition is about what the block contains, its geometry, attributes. Block references are about where the block is inserted (imprinted), its scale, layer and what is filled in its attributes.


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Youre a champ Roy. Annotative blocks are exactly what i was going for, just cant believe i never knew this was a standard feature in cad

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