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Ditch cross section LISP


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I was wondering if this is even possible to do with LISP.

So this is what I need - I need a Lisp that would create cross section for ditch. I would like to type in existing ground and ditch marks, then existing width of the ditch and existing bottom width of the ditch. After that I would like to create a designed ditch cross section, by entering the same parameters + slope must be 1 : 1.5. (Also, both, existing and designed ditch bottom centers must align.)

For background I would need frame that You can see in added file.

For me all this sounds unreal, but if there is someone that can produce something like this I would be really thankful.

x section.dwg

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Its called Civ3D, or one of the other Civil programs out there as have suggested many times. Their is some free stuff out there some may do simple road design which would be a ditch. You would make a surface from your ditch level & offset then add a shape with batters all done. 


Google road design free autocad


The other alternative is to look at out sourcing something like this if all set up right would take minutes to create,  make a road and create all the sections. There is ways of following a pline  and making 3d points turn into a surface then design a new drain.


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