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Export 3D lines (and tin surface) to LandXML


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I'm modeling for excavations on GPS.

The software on the excavators is Trimble Earthworks.


I can use file flipper to convert a LandXML file (even a dxf) to a usable format for the machines.

My problem:


I can export to dxf and only get lines... tin surfaces can't be extracted from a dxf.....

I can export to LandXML, but i don't know how to export the lines. The export only seems to use the tin surface....


Anyone has a method?



w0677 0610.dwg w0677 0610-2.dxf

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On 10/6/2021 at 4:56 AM, BIGAL said:

Are you using CIV3D ? We just made 3dfaces from the design surface TIN, that can be read into the 3d Machine control. Ex Topcon employee.

The problem is, to import into Trimble, i have to choose either the surface or the linework.

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Edited wrong post


From the dwg it looks like a CIV3D surface, contact who you got it off and ask for 3dfaces and a surface, then use faces.

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Posted (edited)

You can use Trimble Business Center (TBC) to import the XML file from civil3D (use the 'Export to LandXML' function to get a correct XML file from a single surface object), use the DXF files for the 'line view'.  in TBC you can export to the right files.


Open TBC, create a new file (will show a dark blank area), just drag and drop the .XML and .DXF in the empty space and it will do the rest. At the 'home' tab there is an 'Export' function and you kinda have to figure out what you need there.  My language is other than english, so it might be the 'Construction' tab and a 'Machine job site design export'.
The rest probably is self explanatory.


Depending on the age of the machine you need 2 files or a sort of ZIP file that contains the needed files (mostly the newer machines).


U usually need these 2 filestypes:





The free version of TBC can do these exports. So no need for a payed version.

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