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Road/Highway Designing


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I need one help If we have terrain data any format XML POINT CLOUD  .TXT   .CSV  contour here I want design highway/road is there any software or application in civil 3d bricscad 

1- If we assign grade suppose 6% to reach 150 elevation to 300 elevation with automated generate alignment profile with specific curve radius 

2- Is there any option to generate automated alignment if we assign 2 point start and end in result we got alignment 

3- I want to generate alignment in high elevation terrain location which software is more helpful

5- If we have ground data how can create highway 







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I thought you had enquired already about Civil Site Design ? If you want a full road design package then you will have to pay for it. Are you being paid for the project ?


There was some software out there that looked at forward direction and match a slope. Civ3d does pick 2 points and label slope. A bit of trail and error then a final alignment.

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Thanks @BIGAL for the mention.  A video would be pretty boring since you simply supply parameters such as grade and pick a starting point, so here is a screen capture.




This is the same add-on I recommended to the OP over in the BricsCAD forum for converting multiple polylines to alignments.

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can you help me about this application to use this application dotsoft we need to create surface by dotsoft of c3d tin surface enough?

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