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How to use Wire Copy (AECOPYWIRENO / WD_COPY_WN) in LISP


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(Hopefully this Question has not been asked. The Search gave no Results.)


For Context:

I have created a Program that generates a complex Component (Block, Wiring, Text) onto a Sheet.

The Program uses .LSP and .DCL for ease of Use for our Operators.

The Prompt has Options to configure the Component to any Options we need.



I need to update the Program to include Wire Numbers and Wire Number Copies.

(I will be trying to use "WD_PUTWNXY" Command for New Wire Networks, although I have yet to do so.)

For Wire Number Copies, I was hoping to use either the "AECOPYWIRENO" or "WD_COPY_WN" Commands.

The Problem with these Commands is that they do not allow for Coordinate Placement.

When running either Command, the Command Line is requesting to select a Wire as an Entity.




What I would like, is an example of a LISP that completes this Task using a Coordinate System to select and place the Wire Number Copies.





Any Advice would be much appreciated!

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I am not sure what you mean. The copywn Commands ask for an Entity.

It would be alot easier to be able to specify a Pick Point.

When using these Commands manually, the  Cursor acts as the Locator for where the Copy will be placed. However, while using the Commands in LISP, I have not been able to use Coordinates.

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BIGAL, are you Sea-Haven on Autodesk Forums? You have the same Profile Pic. If so, refer to my post here


Essentially this has to do with a Program that Auto Generates a Schematic Sheet in a Drawing Project. This does not use Manual User Input to select the Wire that needs a Copy Wire Number Block.

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