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Jaimin Parmar

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Hello All,


I am experiencing a Fatal Error Message from AutoCAD; it just crashes and closes all the files.


I have tried guidelines from Autodesk Support and also have tried re-installing the software but it is still there.


Appreciate your help

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Can you provide more information?


When you say it "closes all the files", how many files do you have open when it crashes?

What exactly does the error message say? Can you post a screenshot?

What solutions did Autodesk Support suggest?

Does you computer meet or exceed the minimum recommended system specs?

Are you working in 2D or 3D?

Are you on a PC or a Mac?

What operating system are you running?

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1) Around 8-10 files minimum

2) I will try to capture it next time when it crashes it

3) Attached

4) Attached

5) 2d drafting of electrical drawings





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There is no need to reinstall Windows if the only application that is malfunctioning is AutoCAD.  It appears, from what you have posted above, to be a problem related to your graphics card.  Can you elaborate further?

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Hi Guys,


I have re-installed the AutoCAD and seems like it is not crashing for 2 days.


I will update you if a crash happens again.


Appreciate your reply guys

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