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Find for text and display it in the center of the window


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I ask for your help for the following. I need to find a particular text string among thousands. Once found, it should be centrally visible in the window.
I can't do that in the tool "Find and replace" because when I leave it, the location is lost.
Another alternative would be to draw a circle around the string text with a diameter to be specified.



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Depending on your LISP ability and how you want to search for the text:


This link and offering from RonJon will find your text string (https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/visual-lisp-autolisp-and-general/find-text-lsp/td-p/9272343😞


(setq ss (ssget "X" (list '(0 . "*TEXT")(cons 1 str)(cons 410 (getvar "ctab")))))


str being the string to search for, This can have a wildcard * character in it something like


(setq str "*my string*")


Then you can use "Zoom" "Object" something like


(command "ZOOM" "OB" (ssname ss 0) "")


to zoom to it (this will zoom to the first instance of the text string that it finds if there are more than 1 in the drawing).

You might want to do an additional zoom to zoom into the text depending how close you want to be to it



Should be able to put that together?

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if their are going to be multiple results use the following.

(while (< (sslength SS) 0)
  (command "ZOOM" "OB" (ssname ss 0)) ;BricsCAD use OB for object O for out
  (command pause) ;allows user to see what was zoom to enter/right click to continue to next text
  (ssdel (ssname ss 0) ss)


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