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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I ask for your help for the following. I need to find a particular text string among thousands. Once found, it should be centrally visible in the window. I can't do that in the tool "Find and replace" because when I leave it, the location is lost. Another alternative would be to draw a circle around the string text with a diameter to be specified. Thanks!
  2. Anyone who knows some routine to allows selecting a set of texts started by a certain character or string? For example: Select all texts started by NB. It should be possible to enter the search criteria / selection.
  3. I have a block with about 60 single-line text entities, 40 of which have a place holder character that needs to change based on how the block is used. For example, "~1a" and "~1b" need to change to "P1a" and "P1b", where "~" is the place holder and "P" is the letter for this 1 block. The next instance of the same block will need a different letter. This is not a good application for attributes. I found Lee Mac's LISP c:ReplaceBlockText in this thread using vlax-for, but it appears to work on the block definition and changes the text for every instance of the block in the drawing. I need this to work on 1 selected instance of the block. Any help is appreciated, even if it's a point in the right direction.
  4. Hey all, I am trying to change some text in my cad file, but when I try to use the wild card in my search, nothing shows up. (attached screenshots are an example of what I'm seeing) Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, JT
  5. Hi guys, Long time reader, seldom if ever poster. I think I've got a good one this time and can't find a solution. I'm seeking to find and replace strings in hundreds of xref paths. It's not the path I need to change, but a string in the name of the drawing. For example: "otl" should be found and replaced with "int" *\PLANS\p_otl_001.dwg -> *\PLANS\p_int_001.dwg *\PLANS\p_otl_002.dwg -> *\PLANS\p_int_002.dwg I can quickly change the reference name using RENAME and the Reference Manager can change all paths, but affects only the file path and not the name of the drawing. REDIR with * wildcards doesn't work either. I've searched for hours for a script that will achieve this but I cannot seem to find one. Has anyone found a solution to this before? (I'll buy you many beers first chance I get.) Using AutoCAD Architecture 2012.
  6. I'm trying to write a VBA code that searches in a general drawing all lines that have a specific length and slope. Then, every time it finds that line in the drawing, it will write next to a specific text, for example "line". Do you think it's possibile? Any idea? Thanks
  7. I have an autocad drawing with so many light fixtures with all different names.Now we have to change all those names, i already have an excel sheet containing two columns with first one containing "name in drawing" and second one containing respective "new name". Is there any way to replace the names in cad file using that excel sheet.i just dont want to do all those thousand rename manually ...please some cad-guru help me
  8. I have a drawing that has texts as * and would like to replace with X using find/replace command. The AutoCAD understand or gets confused with * as wildcard and replaces all entities with X. Any ideas? Using AutoCAD 2008. Thanks
  9. Hi All. I am trying to achieve the following: for example... in 100 floor plans there are blocks that have certain attribute values. i want to be able to create a script/lisp that will find all blocks that include a certain piece of text ie "window" in the attribute value and change the block to a certain colour. Essentially it is the same way that the "FIND" command works but via command line/lisp/script etc instead. This will be so i can apply this specific task without user input on the 100 floor plans. Is there a way to do this as ive searched hundreds of terms/forums/ideas etc and came up with only find and replace tools or change all text in a drawing to certain colour. Your help is greatly appreciated =]
  10. Hi all, I'd like to share a program I wrote to give me quick access to AutoCAD commands and their defininitions. It's a great learning tool and excellent for when you KNOW a command exists but just can't quite find it. It's got a quick search box and also allows you to run commands by double-clicking them. Best of all - it's free! :smileyhappy: You are welcome to download it from here: https://sites.google.com/site/wjasonhudson/my-projects
  11. Hello everyone!! I am a rookie in autolisp. I need help in figuring this out.. I wish to find Mtext "J" of a particular style (say ROMANS) in the drawing and retrieve its position (x,y coordinates). I am trying to replace all the occurrences of the text with a block (say "star") at their respective locations. I found lisp programs to find text, but i cant seem to figure out how to use its attributes to proceed further. eagerly awaiting responses...
  12. "Find" command gives me a dialogue box. Then everything falls apart.(program stops). Have not found any samples except VBA and lisp files. I want to use only "script" files. Any suggections? Thank you very much! Bob
  13. Hi there, My coworker who does not have AutoCAD is trying to find text in a 250 page PDF that I am 98% sure came directly from a DWG. When we search for the text in the basic search command in Acrobat Pro we get nothing. Is there a way for Acrobat to identify the text or mtext as characters, not pixels again and search within those pages to find the text? And yes, it does occur at least twice in the doc that we have noticed. I'm on Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and he is on Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro. If needed for very short term purpose, I have AutoCAD 2013 MEP. Thanks
  14. I have 2 things I'm trying to accomplish here. I need to find the the exact text to replace and only in the current layout. For example. Let's say I need to find "Date" but on the same layout I have "date", "Date" and "Date:". So it needs to be case sensitive also. I was using this but it's not case sensitive and also replaces "date" and "Date:" in all layouts. I just need "Date" in the current layout. ;Find And Replace (defun C:FAR () (setq OldTxt (getstring T "\nEnter the old text: ") NewTxt (getstring T "\nEnter the new text: ")) (setq ss (ssget "x" '((0 . "TEXT,MTEXT")))) (setq i (sslength ss)) (while (not (minusp (setq i (1- i)))) (setq oText (vlax-ename->vla-object (ssname ss i))) (setq Txt (vlax-get-property oText 'TextString)) (if (vl-string-search OldTxt txt) (progn (setq newChg (vl-string-subst NewTxt OldTxt txt)) (vlax-put-property oText 'TextString newchg) (vlax-invoke-method oText 'Update) ) ) ) (princ) )
  15. superdai


    Morning all, My boss came in to this office this morning and was asking to find an "A" type fitting on a drawing which i could not see but found it when using the "Find" Command. We are an electrical engineering company with a lot of work in schools and hospitals and as such we have large cluttered drawings with many different light fittings and sockets in. im using the Find command to help with take-off but is there a better way? also the sockets and switches etc dont have any text just a small drawn symbols is there a way to find all of the occurences? Thanks guys!
  16. brothersjohn

    Find and Replace "#"

    I am running autocad electrical 2008. I have a set of blocks from a client that has the line numbers as "SHT#01". The idea was do a find and replace "SHT#" with the actual sheet number. The problem is the Find will not find "SHT#" it will find "SHT" and when I put in just "#" it finds numbers. So how do I do this. There are multiple sheets like this. Thanks, brothersjohn
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