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Attribute reference another attribute within a block


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Hello everyone,

I'm not able to reference attribute "CM" from attribute "CM_SMALL" within a block (CM_SMALL = CM).

I defined the field but it doesn't work

No matter what value I enter in the "CM" attribute, the value of the "CM_SMALL" attribute does not change and is still equal to the default value which is "x"



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Ok a simple answer when you use a field looking at an attribute it has a link the ID Number. Ok now the problem is each time you insert the block the new blocks attribute ID Number is different you have to use that one. Its complicated using a lisp you can reset the ID number. Need time to think about it or some one else will jump in.




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After exploring the options and experimenting, I came up with the following:

Inserting a field into a block definition does not work for any block.

Only inserting the field into the attribute of an existing individual block works, and further it only works when copying that block, but it doesn't work when inserting a block.

This means that it doesn't work for existing instances of blocks, and changing the block definition by field inserting won't change it either.

The only thing that works is putting any dynamic parameter into the block definition. But then it is necessary to select all instances of the inserted blocks and change the dynamic parameter in the properties. This will cause the blocks to update and the field values will appear after using the RGEN or REGENALL command.

Individual Block Procedure.jpg




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