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LISP for LTYPE GEN on multiple polylines at the same time


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Im looking for a lisp where when I'll be able to choose multiple polylines  and be able to choose Ltype Gen ON without having to click every single polyline.


The plines have been delivered to me and need to be put in a certain layer and linestyle for other usage. (got 1000's of lines)


Thank you,


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Are there some you do not want to enable linetype generation?


For all Plines in a drawing, just Qselect>Polyline>Linetype generation>= Equals>No>OK, then go to properties and scroll down to Miscellaneous>Linetype Generation>Enabled.


Are you looking for something to put them on the layers and linestyles as well?


Maybe post a .dwg and specific instructions.

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Many releases ago there was this commando PLUD . I believe it was a lisp and part of the express tools.


Maybe it's still working (don't know).

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If you could post a sample before/after .dwg and precise instructions, a LISP might be possible to do it all.

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