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Elevation marker for 2d architectual drawings/sections


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2 hours ago, Nikon said:

I am changing (cons 1 (rtos 0.0 2 3)), 
I add it at the beginning of the code:

(setq oldsnap (getvar 'dimzin))
(setvar 'dimzin 0)

and at the end of the code

(setvar "dimzin" oldsnap)

block 0 is displayed as 0.000

Maybe I don't understand something...
Can add a mirror request to the code? Or is it difficult?

Image 1.png

This is a little more complicated because I don't know how to make a dynamic block in lisp.
But manually it is possible.
Click on a LEVEL-OBJ block
with the right-click enter the block editor
Select the attribute and in the properties change LOCK POSITION to 'on'
Same for multiline
Choose the Flip setting by setting a vertical axis from the tip of the arrow.
Then in Actions choose the flip action and select your parameter then all the objects (attribute included)
Exit the editor saving the changes
In the drawing do an ATTSYNC then a REGENALL

If done correctly you will be able to reverse your block with the little arrow


NB: DIMZIN at 0 is very good for keeping zeros at the beginning and end😉

(oldsnap is not a good choice: OSNAP is another variable, but if you declare it in local variable, is not important)

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10 minutes ago, Tsuky said:

But manually it is possible.

Thanks, I'll try....

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