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    Default High Poly Trees that won't slow your system

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    Hey, im creating a rather intense model for a Project. I am a Landscape Architecture student at Penn State, and i hate using the 2D Fallow me trees. I have explored the 2.5D trees and found a few that i like, but i am really trying to get the best quality for my work and would still prefer the full 3D trees. I have come across many trees that are extremely detailed, and i really appriciate it . The problem that i am encountering is that some of these trees, when panning and zooming, slow down my system tremendously, while some trees are absolutely fine.

    I've been looking into the difference between these trees and the only thing that i could pull out of my comparisons is that the trees that become slow use images mapped to flat surfaces to create their leaves. In contrast, The other HighPoly trees that run fine regardless of how many there are use only solid colors and are sometimes a bit transparent.

    I have uploaded a sample project to 3D Warehouse. Please search "Tree Speed Test" No Quotes) to view my example. Hopefully you can guys can help me out; im really looking for the best quality of work for my project and would like to know what to do to achieve it!

    Thank you so much in advance

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    If you hide the high poly trees while panning, modeling, etc. your performance should improve. I gave it a try and it was considerably faster. Just make sure you turn them on for presentation work. Oh, and GO PENN STATE!

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    Night and day difference. The one that is slow has a lot more components and groups compared to the other one. File size for the aceraceae tree is 5,718 KB while the file size for the testarvore tree has a file size of 493 KB. Do you have a group of "fast" trees that you could share?



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