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    Default Losing the Linetype from XREFS

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    We xref and draw in Model Space then use viewports with title blocks scaled accordingly to the LTSCALE in Paper Space (i.e. 1"=50'-0" would have a setting of LTSCALE: 600).

    So this happens frequently....We receive a background from architect, civil engineer, etc.. and after cleaning up the background and then setting up our drawings, thus xref in the background; the linetypes from the xref get lost (i.e. say a dashed line will show continuous).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    What happens when you set the LTScale to 1?
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    AFAIK, LTSCALE is drawing specific, so the host drawing sets the linetype scaling. The exception is if the objects have object level property overrides applied. IMO, it would be better if you changed your technique to use a "normal" LTSCALE (0.5 or 1) and then take advantage of AutoCAD's automatic linetype scaling (MSLTSCALE=1 PSLTSCALE=1) but the other option is to use the Properties Palette to change the XREF object's LTSCALE to 1/600 to counteract your host drawing 600/1 LTSCALE.

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