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Found 9 results

  1. All, Can someone help me with getting rid of the "ERROR" that happens when i hit enter or return to end the routine. Basically this give me the chance to reset my titleblocks so they print in order. (defun c:TRESET() (vl-load-com) (while (and(vl-cmdf "_.copybase" pause (ssget "_:S") "") (vl-cmdf "_.pasteclip"(getvar "LASTPOINT")) (vl-cmdf "_.erase" "_p" "")) ) (princ) ); end of c:TRESET Thanks, Brian
  2. Having an issue with one CAD file everytime it is opened. Need help with this error: "One or more objects in this drawing cannot be saved to the specified format. The operation was not completed and no file was created." Thanks, Chandra
  3. First time poster so I apologize in advance if I make a mistake here. If I need to add more info please let me know as well. I'm trying to learn AutoLISP and I'm stuck on this Lisp Routine that I'm trying to write: ;* C:BSCALE changes the X, Y, and/or Z values of existing blocks without ;* affecting properties or attributes. It uses the DXF and UREAL functions, ;* which must be loaded. (defun C:BSCALE ( / en ed old41 old42 old43 new41 new42 new43) (if (and (setq en (entsel "\nSelect block to rescale: ")) ;get the block (= (dxf 0 (setq ed (entget (car en)))) "INSERT") ;test if an insert );and (entmod ;update entity (setq old41 (dxf 41 ed) ;extract old X old42 (dxf 42 ed) ;old Y old43 (dxf 43 ed) ;old Z new41 (ureal 1 "" "X scale factor " old41) ;prompt for new X new42 (ureal 1 "" "Y scale factor " old42) ;new Y new43 (ureal 1 "" "Z scale factor " old43) ;new Z ;change data in entity list ed (subst (cons 41 new41) (cons 41 old41) ed) ;change X ed (subst (cons 42 new42) (cons 42 old42) ed) ;change Y ed (subst (cons 43 new43) (cons 43 old43) ed) ;change Z ) ;setq returns ed );entmod );if (princ) ;end cleanly );defun (princ) ;* When I run the lisp routine I get the error message: no function definition: SETQMSG. The lisp routines DXF and UREAL work fine on their own, but I can post them up as well if it would help. If you guys could tell me why I'm getting this error message and how I can fix it, I would appreciate it.
  4. I have a lisp routine which worked well in earlier editions of AutoCAD but now with AutoCAD Map 2014 it doesn't work giving me the following error message: ; error: bad argument type: numberp: nil The routine draws a circle around a number located at an x,y co-ordinate. Here's the code: (defun c:ImportPts (/ txtht file line ptno x y xy b4y) (setq txtht (getreal "\nText height?") file (open (getfiled "Select the input file: " "" "txt" "r") ;;;the smiley with shades is 8 with a bracket next to it ) (while (setq line (read-line file)) (setq ptno (substr line 1 (setq xy (vl-string-search "," line))) x (vl-string-left-trim " " (substr line (+ 2 xy) (- (setq b4y (vl-string-search "," line (+ 2 xy))) 2))) y (vl-string-left-trim " " (substr line (+ 2 b4y))) ) (command "circle" (list (atof x) (atof y)) txtht) (command "text" "j" "mc" (list (atof x) (atof y)) txtht 0 ptno) ) ) I would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
  5. Good day! At work last week damaged the server. Today it was restored, but when you open an AutoCad file that lay on the network, gives the message «Drawing file is not valid». Before it is said that this file or is used, or only for reading. The file is not zero. Has the same size, as before crash of the server. I tried the command recover, drawingrecovery, insert. AutoCad 2008 version. Very much I ask to help! it is a pity for the whole month of work! Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm trying to fillet all of the edges of the winding extrusions on this part. I've circled one section that partially filleted, with the exception of the narrow curve. When I try to do other areas this error comes up: Modeling Operation Error: Could not find acceptable sequence of capping faces to trim blend face. Failed to perform blend. Failure while filleting. Any thoughts? I'm running the student version of AutoCAD 2015 3d Pauldron 2.dwg
  7. Why? because all the other threads I've checked did not solve the problem. The problem is, if I go to LINETYPE => Load, I get the following error: Bad definition of FENCELINE1 at line 119 of file C://Users/danlun/Documents/ACAD/CAD Resources/acad.lin This then repeats for Fenceline2 (line 121), TRACKS (line 123), BATTING (line 125), ZIGZAG (line 137), and PROPLINE (line 154). This started when I modified a copy of the original acad.lin with a custom linetype called PROPLINE which looks like so: *PROPLINE,Property Line ___ _ _ ___ PL ___ _ _ ___ PL ___ _ A,.5,-.2,["PL",STANDARD,S=.1,U=0.0,X=-0.1,Y=-.05],-.2 Note that this was placed at the end of the file in the "User Defined Linetypes Add any linetypes that you define to this section" etc etc section. None of the other linetypes ACAD seems to be having trouble with was touched in any way- I just added PROPLINE. Now, here's what I've tried so far to fix the problem: 1) triple-checked that the acad.lin file I need is in the support file search path. 2) deleted C://Users/danlun/Documents/ACAD/CAD Resources/acad.lin from the support file search path, and moved the correct path to top. 3) moved acad.lin to C://Users/danlun/Documents/ACAD/CAD Resources/ and added it to the support file search path (and deleted the other from there) 4) every iteration of FONTALT I can think of, including . for None 5) moved acadiso.lin out of the same folder (someone on another forum suggested ACAD might somehow be getting confused between the two .lin files) None of the above worked. The only thing I haven't tried is retrieving my default copy of acad.lin and trashing the modified version because, you know, I kinda need that PROPLINE linetype. Any ideas?
  8. Brand new to Revit. 2012 version installed fine on my Asus G51J after memory was upgraded, but can't open a new file. Error message: "An error occurred while drawing the contents of this window. This window shall be closed." And, sure enough, it was. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Same problem. Is this a graphics card problem? A previous thread recommended ditching the GeForce card the computer came with and going for an NVidia Quadro but which one?!? There are lots out there. Would rather not break the bank if I don't have to. I should probably mention that after I click OK when the first error message is displayed, the program does ask me to choose a view as but when I try to do so it pulls up a window for the view I selected then gives me the same error message and sends me back to the home page.
  9. Coosbaylumber

    Error Message

    Am now getting the below noted error message, just after Acad opens up. Fatal Error: Insufficient disk room for swap space. Watziz? Worked OK yesterday. I got per a dir this morning: about 273 MB of free space, how much does it require? Wm.
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