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Found 6 results

  1. Dear Team, Greetings..! I have multiple drawings in one .dwg file in Model (Ref. UNIT 4500.JPG file). I need to covert PDF's with help of "Page Setup Name" Each name Plot area selected. (Ref. Page Setup.jpg file). the converted pdf file with name of same as Page setup name & automatically saved in WRT to Unit path.(Ref. Path.JPG) Kindly help me out I have hundreds of drawing to covert every time of small correction..!!
  2. Hi, I have a problem that I have many drawings which contain number of the same block which should be hide. Based on tips from another threads I came up the following solution which I don't know how to utilize. First -> I use lisp which create new layer, then blocks with the same name are moved to this layer. For example something like this: (vl-load-com) ;Load VLisp extensions ;; Function to change bllocks to a layer by wildcard (defun Blk2Lay (LName ss / n en eo) (if (not (tblobjname "LAYER" LName)) ;Check if layer doesn't exist (command "._LAYER" "_Make" LName "") ;Make the layer ) ;_ end of if (setq n (sslength ss)) ;Initialize counter (while (>= (setq n (1- n)) 0) ;Step through all entities in selection set (setq en (ssname ss n) ;Get the nth EName eo (vlax-ename->vla-object en) ;Get the ActiveX object ) ;_ end of setq (vla-put-Layer eo LName) ;Change block reference to new layer ) ;_ end of while ) ;_ end of defun ;; Command to change blocks to a layer by wildcard (defun c:Blk2Lay (/ LName BWild ss) (if (setq LName (getstring "Enter the layer's name: ")) ;Get the layer's name (if (and (or (and (= (setq BWild (getstring ;Get wildcard, default as layer name (strcat "Enter the wildcard for the block name <*" LName "*>: ") ) ;_ end of getstring ) ;_ end of setq "" ) ;_ end of = (setq BWild (strcat "*" LName "*")) ;Default to LName ) ;_ end of and (and BWild (/= BWild "")) ) ;_ end of or (setq ss (ssget "_X" (list '(0 . "INSERT") (cons 2 BWild)))) ;And some blocks found ) ;_ end of and (Blk2Lay LName ss) ;Perform the change ) ;_ end of if ) ;_ end of if (princ) ) ;_ end of defun Second - > I changed property of this layer to non visible. Third - > I applied above changes on selected drawings. Based on another example I found that there is possible to use LISP getfiles as well as ObjectDBX Wrapper which allow to use another function like below: //This is example of script which remove blocks with name "KOLKO' from selected drawings (defun c:dbtest ( / lst ) (if (setq lst (LM:getfiles "Select Drawings to Process" nil "dwg;dws;dwt")) (LM:odbx '(lambda ( doc ) (LM:deleteblocks doc '("KOLKO"))) lst t) (princ "\n*Cancel*") ) (princ) ) Can anyone help me how I can solve my problem?
  3. I have an AutoCAD drawing. There are 100 road cross sections in that drawing. I want to make 100 separate drawings using those 100 road cross sections. I use Wblock command for that. but it is very hard to rename one by one while using that command. If you can teach me a way to rename them automatically. the windows can be selected when using that command. I want to get those files to a predefined folder with automatically renamed. Is there a way to do that? otherwise please write a lisp program for me. I don't know how to do that. How to use a file list in an Excel sheet as the names which use for auto renaming?
  4. Hi all, I have 4500 OS mapping tiles which i need to convert the colours to one single colour rather than the varied layer colours they have at present. Obvioulsy doing this manually will take a long time. Is there a quicker way of doing this? Many thanks for your help. K
  5. I have come across the Multi-Batch program, but I don't find it to be terribly user-friendly. I have also used Hurricane a bit in the past too. I am thinking this might be the best option. I haven't checked out ScriptPro, but will do that next. I know it is probably wishful thinking but are there any programs that offer "the big red button that records your actions and then creates a script" rather than having to write a macro/script/lsp to input? If not, what is the most user-friendly program that I could throw my script in and have it run across mulitple drawings without having to open every drawing? For example, I have a script that will flip a drawing to paperspace, zoom extents, and set the Ltscale and PSLTscale, but right now I have to open every drawing and run it. Is there a program to run it on multiple drawings at once? Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  6. Hi I'm trying to write a script which would enable me to redefine a block, save and close the drawing. I would like to run it on multiple drawings. I have managed to write a script which does redefine the block but it stops and either I get "Unit-scaling inserted database..." message or it starts a new command..... ("Command: 1.000000") I did not get the script to save the changes or close the drawings. Any help would me very much appreciated. Below you will find the script file (command "._insert" "Drawing Sheet A1=U:/27979/Config/DWGSheets/test/Drawing Sheet A1.dwg" 0.0 _units 1.00 _basepoint 0,0 _scale 1.0 _rotate 0.0 ) qsave (princ) close
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