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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everybody. Here goes my first post. I'm using Autocad map 3D 2013. I dont know how to create any lisps. Thank you for any help, any is really appreciated since that i know that is really taking some of your time. I have a .dwg file with a lot of GPS points, that were taken from the field and uploaded to our systems. The GPS points come in as blocks with attributes, Im want some of does attributes to be in a multi leader (The text area). Is easy for me to replace the GPS points (Blocks) with a multileader that I created as a block, in which the arrow points exactly to where the gps point was located. I use the xpress tools to replace one block for another, since that all corresponding blocks are named the same, only the attributes change, so basically the multileader now is the GPS point. The GPS has two attributes that I need. Clearance_Ft=18.5 and crossing type= driveway or anything that we are crossing. I can also get the actual attributes Clearanace and Crossing type in a text form if I do a querry of the data. After I replace the point with a multileaders I try to insert fields in to the multileader to pick up it's own attributes, that didn't work, because since that I'm inside the block multileader when I press to insert the info that I need, the attributes disappear and is just a multileader inside block editor. I try Concatenation of Block Attributes, and it didnt work, at one point the insert field it did work but it was giving me the same clearance for all the points, Lol. I knew it was wrong. If I can get this issue resolve it would save me hours of work since that, for now I have to type every clearance by hand. When i mentioned the part that i can get the info out of the point as a text is because maybe you guys do have a better idea of how to solve the problem. Again Thank you. sample.dwg
  2. Is there one in autocad 2016? I just want to switch reference file on and off to see which ones I need to keep. Microstation had this excellent feature at least as far back as 1994. Has autocad caught up yet?
  3. I'm using AutoCad 2015 to convert PDF files into drawings, but every time I access the files on a different computer the PDF is gone. In its place is a message saying "missing or invalid reference", so I have to reattach the PDF. Can I attach the PDF permanently, instead of as a reference? If so, how? Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.
  4. I apologize if there's already a thread about this topic; if so, a search did not locate it. Anyway, this involves Reference Edit. Today I received an AutoCAD 2000 set of house plans from another designer that was nothing but blocks: text, hatch patterns, dimensions, linework- it all consist of some sort of blocks (see attached image). Now, I've worked with AutoCAD for over ten years, and never have I once seen this before (might be hard to believe, but there it is). I am editing these plans for my client, and I want to change the text and dimension styles in addition to making the changes to the layout and elevations that she wants. The problem is: I have no idea what these 'blocks' are, where they came from, or how to edit them! EXPLODE does indeed explode them, but I would rather not do that to dimensions and hatch patterns! AT first I thought they were some sort of external reference, but XREF shows no files even associated with the drawing. So can anyone explain to me what these blocks are, what advantage there is to using them, and how I might edit them without exploding everything all over the place? I am using AutoCAD 2002, by the way.
  5. I'm wondering about what the complications may be or things to be concerned about with regards to moving and storing xrefs that were created from outside of the company. We are in a position whereby we will receive xrefs from contractors which may be bound or unbound and our company is considering storing the unbound versions on the file server however I am concerned as to whether or not the links will be maintained if there is a move and how they should be stored. Also what particular requirements we may have to provide our contractors prior to submission for the unbound versions. I'm also concerned about whether or not there needs to be a flat folder structure with all disciplines stored in the same place. I fear that the solution of putting them on the file server may not be quite as easy as I suspect that on receipt they may be placed in differing locations of which the references would need to be redirected. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  6. So I am trying to make a site map for a building my buddy just bought. I found a lot map on the city's online database, cropped it to the area of his lot's block, and saved the image file. I then opened up a new autocad file and xreferenced the image. I know the front of his building on the site is 45' so I made a polyline that is the length of the facade over top of my xref image. Then I selected the image, used the scale command, selected one side of my polyline as a basepoint, used reference, entered 45' as the known length, and then selected the other end of the polyline. My image scaled but is now incredibly small. So small that the entine site isn't even 1". I keep trying but I'm doing something wrong somewhere. Can someone help me out?
  7. Ok, so i have created a dymanic block with tags named "ID_EL" and saved it in a dwg named "ID_EL_DWG.dwg". I open a new drawing and with vba in want to: import the "ID_EL" reference form the "ID_EL_DWG.dwg" file, and the insert the block 3 times in the modelspace with different tag values. I figured out almost everything except the first part. How can i load a block reference form another dwg into the current one? I don't want to insert the dwg as block because then i must explode it to get acces to my dynamic block with tags to modify it. Hope it's not a lot to ask, but i searched the web many times for this and found nothing. (except inserting dwg as block) Alternative solutions are also welcome. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi folks, I've created some blocks and referenced them to a layer with the following code (C#): myBlock.Layer = strLayerName; Now I want the block to be reference by more than one layer. How can I set the reference of this block to another layer while keeping the current layer reference? Thanks for your help! Cheers, Max.
  9. Hi all! I'm new to Map 3D 2009 and having trouble referencing a PDF that I need to trace for my new job. I couldn't quite figure out how to import a PDF for an underlay, so I've used Photoshop to convert it to a TIF image (seems easier to find an import command for this file type.) When I select "Insert an Image..." from the Create menu, the image is rendered OVER my dwg drawing. I can't really see the map now and it seems this isn't the best way to accomplish what I'm needing to do. Anyone have a suggestion of a better approach, or maybe something I'm overlooking in my procedure? I would really appreciate your feedback!
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