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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I would like to know some help. 01 - Is there a possibility in this Lee Mac lisp, Automatically Label Attributes, that it can be changed so that every time I open a different file it asks me about the increment, prefix and suffix settings? Because in the current way it always loads the pre-configuration that is already in lisp. I don't want to have to edit the lisp to configure the numbers for each file. Note: I use attributed blocks and multileader blocks. 02 - I also use the Lisp Incremental Numbering Suite, I would like to know if the option for multileaders can be added. As the current options are only for text, mtext and blocks. For my use multileaders are more interesting. Because the use of block with attributes will have to be manually making the leader lines to indicate their positions and references after their insertion and when you have many blocks end up wasting valuable time. I would like to know if it is possible to make any of these changes, since lisps have many lines. Note: Sorry for the google translation. #NumIncV3-9.lsp AutoLabelAttributesV1-4.lsp
  2. Does anyone know how to achieve this? I have a series of blocks with attributes in Autocad. Attribute is a number (from 1 to 500). Each of the blocks represents a single machine with serial number 1-500 on it. When I place a new block of machine (I do it by copy/paste from the nearby block) I just change the attribute value manually. Now, as a separate file I have excel sheet with two columns: COLUMN A -> serial number of machines (1-500) COLUMN B -> type of machine (e.g. TYPE-1, TYPE-2, TYPE-3...), around 8 types in total Is it possible to make a block with two values in it (attributes) and when a value of machine serial number in position 1 is changed it will look the excel file and return the machine type in position 2. Something like VLOOKUP excel formula, but in AUTOCAD. For example if EXCEL is: COLUMN A / COLUMN B 250 / TYPE-3 251 / TYPE-5 Than the change in AutoCAD attributes in position 1 and 2 is like this: ATT-1: 250 ATT-2: TYPE-3 if I manually change ATT-1 to value 251, then: ATT-1: 251 ATT-2: TYPE-3
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