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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I would like to know some help. 01 - Is there a possibility in this Lee Mac lisp, Automatically Label Attributes, that it can be changed so that every time I open a different file it asks me about the increment, prefix and suffix settings? Because in the current way it always loads the pre-configuration that is already in lisp. I don't want to have to edit the lisp to configure the numbers for each file. Note: I use attributed blocks and multileader blocks. 02 - I also use the Lisp Incremental Numbering Suite, I would like to know if the option for multileaders can be added. As the current options are only for text, mtext and blocks. For my use multileaders are more interesting. Because the use of block with attributes will have to be manually making the leader lines to indicate their positions and references after their insertion and when you have many blocks end up wasting valuable time. I would like to know if it is possible to make any of these changes, since lisps have many lines. Note: Sorry for the google translation. #NumIncV3-9.lsp AutoLabelAttributesV1-4.lsp
  2. Hello, I am looking for a lisp to help speed up the process of renumbering a selection of multileaders. We use multileaders to call out materials on our drawings, and often make changes to our Bill of Materials (BOM). Whenever a change to the BOM is made, we need to adjust a lot of the multileaders to match. For example, we may have a list of 30 materials, all numbered and bubbled out. Then our client comes back with a change, and we have to add a material between number 15 and number 16 (We can't just add the material to the end, because the BOM is organized by category, size, etc.). This means that every number from 15 to 30 increases by 1, and then all of the multileaders need to be adjusted. Currently we use one of two methods for adjusting the numbering. If it is a small list, or there is not a lot of bubbles, we just manually adjust each multileader. If its a long list, or there's a lot of bubbles, we use find and replace (In the example, check find whole words only, find 16, replace with 17a; Find 17, replace with 18a; and so on. Then once all numbers are adjusted, uncheck find whole words only, and find a and replace with nothing). While these methods work, they are rather tedious, and prone to error, especially when we have a long list of hundreds of materials. I would like to find a faster and more robust way of doing this, and I think a lisp is probably the best solution. Ideally, the lisp would allow for the user to take a selection set of multileaders, input a range of values to adjust by a user-specified delta, and then make all the changes in one go. In the example above, the user would get the selection set of multileaders, input a range of 16-30, and a delta of 1. Sometimes the delta would need to be more than 1, hence the requirement of a user inputted variable. Often, a material is removed from the list as well, which requires a range to decrease by one. So if the lisp could take that into consideration and allow for a negative delta that would be helpful as well. I have attached a dwg example with the multileader we use for reference. The multileaders are of the type Block, using Circle as the source block, and they are always in paperspace, not sure if that will affect anything. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks, Noah BOM MULTILEADER EXAMPLE.dwg
  3. Hey Guys, first time posting. This forum has helped me out in the past, and I've completely hit a wall. My problem is with multi-leaders. I convert a lot of .dwg files into .shp files and there isn't anyway export multi-leaders directly. So I've been trying to build some LISP code to place the text of the multi-leader at the exact location it points to (doesn't need to be pretty, it just needs the justify point of the text to be the right location). This is way beyond my level of expertise. Any help would be greatly appropriated (Or if a simpler solution is hidden somewhere, that would be great to!)
  4. Hey guys! Basically, if there are two identical radii in close proximity, I'd like to be able to use just one dimension rather that two (just to keep things cleaner). From my understanding, you cannot add a second leader to radial dimensions (correct me if I'm wrong), in which case, does anyone know how to: a) Convert existing radial dimensions to multileaders, which I can then add leader lines to OR b) Create a multileader that will prompt to select an arc and then autopopulate the mleader text with the selected radial dimension? Thanks for any help! Liz
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