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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have some title blocks and PO sheets that contain company information like address, phone, etc. However, in my company the CAD for all branches is done in one location, so this information will need to change depending on which branch the project is for. Right now we use DWGPROPS to fill out job specific information such as JobName, Client, SiteAddress, etc. I would like to include the "Branch Name" in here as well (ie. Vancouver, Calgary, etc), with other fields referencing this entry to fill out the office phone, address, fax, etc, so that we don't need to fill in all of that info manually for every new project. However, I can't find any way to use a custom property in a conditional, ie, something like: if CustomDP.Branch=="CALGARY" then [Phone number]="XXX-XXX-XXXX", elseif CustomDP.Branch=="VANCOUVER" then [Phone number]="YYY-YYY-YYYY" It seems that a "formula" field is able to include nested fields, but is unable to handle conditional statements or branching paths. A DIESEL expression may work, but seems to be completely unable to reference custom DWGPROPS. DIESEL seems unable to reference object properties either, so I also can't do an intermediate attribute that is then referenced by a DIESEL expression. Is there any way to get this functionality? If possible I would really prefer to do it with fields or with some other method that stays self-contained within the template drawing, rather than requiring me to run VB code on every CAD machine in the office. Right now my workaround is is to rename the user profile with the branch name, as that is an easily editable acad variable that is accessible by DIESEL. It kind of works but the issue is that the profile name is global, not saved per project, so I often see POs going out with the wrong "Ship To" address when guys forget to change their profile between projects. Thanks,
  2. Good morning everyone, I am currently working on a dynamic block to show the level of a point in a sectional drawing. As you see on the picture, the base of the block is placed on the zero level and the triangle with the value can be moved to any point of the drawing and retrieves the Y-Value of this little yellow circle object representing the level of this point. What I am trying to do now, is to use a diesel expression to add a "+" for a positive value and a "%%P" for a value of zero. What I have now appears to be working, but does not update dynamically when I move the level-mark. Any ideas on what I have to change or if this is possible at all? Any help appreciated. Here is the expression I am using now: $(if,$(EQ,$(=,%%).Center \f "%lu2%pt2%pr2">%,0),1),"%%p",$(if,$(EQ,$(>,%%).Center \f "%lu2%pt2%pr2">%,0),1),"+"," "))%%).Center \f "%lu2%pt2%pr2">%
  3. Hello I have no idea where to post this so I apoligize if this is the wrong forum, but I was wondering if the following was possible: the setup is that i have a series of blocks that have multiple attributes in them, meant to get them in a list through DATAEXTRACTION. However alot of these attributes will consist out of a code, which isn't usefull to most who will see the printed plans. Is it possible to link a FIELD (or text) to the attribute and display text depending on what the value of the attribute is? (i.e. I'd make the attribute itself invisible) It would be needed that both of these texts are attributes, as they both have to be shown in the list received from DATAEXTRACT. as a random example: if the value = RAL9005 the text displays black if the value = RAL9010 the text displays white etc. Currently i have been messing with the FIELD option Diesel Expression with the following line: $(if,$(eq,$(getenv, Lookup2),test1),"abc","DEFG") Lookup is used to give a dropdown menu to select the initial text (test1) and the second attribute has to show 'abc' when 'test1' is shown on the initial attribute. (the idea was to add multiple if-functions where 'DEFG' is but i'd rather get this bit to work before going on further....) However this is not giving me any results. I suppose I dont have a grasp on how the Diesel expressions work yet so any help would be highly appreciated. thanks for any help.
  4. Does anyone know of a place online I can go and there is an organized way of searching customized diesel macros and or macros that I can copy an place them in my autocad when I create a new command? For example..there are a lot of things I would like to search through and just evaluate whether I could make use of it or not. Maybe something's that gives a description and then has the macro available to copy right under/beside it. Any thoughts?
  5. I used to work at a company that had a command for inserting blocks and depending on some factor (i think ltscale) the block would come in the correct size. but if it was off the block would come in the wrong size. I think it was a lisp routine but now the main problem I am using 2013 LT, no lisp:( And I can not add the 3 party programs, company computer. please help we use several size drawings here and they each have a differant dimscale. that would be good if the blocks were scaled based off the dimscale. but if not that s fine. diesel
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