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Found 10 results

  1. Faouweb

    Rotate Spur Gear?

    Hi, How can I rotate a Spur Gear as you can see on the picture. http://s3.postimg.org/wbwxx2soz/rotation.png Thank you
  2. Attached is a part I need to convert to a flat sheet metal pattern, but I have no idea of how to do this. sheetmetalpart.ipt
  3. I read Wikipedia. It mentions machinability of different material. Assume I have a part that need to put into a CNC machine, base on the table of "Cutting speeds for various materials using a plain high speed steel cutter" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speeds_and_feeds . I should be able to calculate the ideal time of cutting my part using CNC machine. Does inventor have this feature?
  4. For example, highlight all M6 tap holes in a assembly? Thanks
  5. I haven't used Inventor in about 4 years, and I tried to create a project in Inventor using the 2013 version, but once I created a project file a bunch of the original settings got messed up. I now can't open a drawing, assembly, or presentation from the home window that pops up. I can only use the drop down icon to open a part file. Also, because I can't access the home drop down menu I can't specify whether I want the project to be measured in metric or english format. I think that I may have deleted the source of these files, but I couldn't find them in my trash on the computer and I'm not very tech savvy. How can I reset my inventor to the original settings so I can actually use it properly again? Thank you!!
  6. I am trying to learn how to project geometry in inventor 2013 to cut down how much work I am putting into my project and getting frustrated with it. The issue I am having is that when I project geometry from one side to another side it projects it to the same side instead of projecting it to the side I am working on. I will try to explain exactly step by step on my process so you might be able to see where I am going wrong. here is a sample file that I am using to learn with, without projections attempt [ATTACH]40722[/ATTACH] Here is how I have created this. 1. I created sketch1 on xz plane. 2. I extruded it to 4 ft using surface extrusion 3. selected front face of the extrusion and sketched my line and constraints as you can see in attachment. OK now I am wanting to project all my sketched lines from the front surface to the right surface, so I select create sketch and select the right surface and it brings up the correct surface to work on; Now here is where it goes horribly wrong for me. Here is what I am doing now I am not sure if it is a configuration or something I am doing wrong so if you do the same thing as i do and it works the way its intended then I suppose it is in my configuration settings but if you have same issue then i am doing something wrong. 1. I click on created sketch and the surface to create sketch on (for this example the right surface of extrusion). 2. I click on project geometry. 3. I click on the items to project. This is exactly where it goes wrong for me. Instead of it projecting to the surface I am working on it is projecting to the same surface I want projected from. This only happens on the right or left surfaces and it works correctly when I do the same steps as above but instead of working on the either the right surface or left surface I work on the back surface . Wow that was long and drawn out some what and I am sorry for that I am just not sure what I am doing wrong so I tried to recreate step by step so as to help someone help me with this.
  7. I'm using Inventor Publisher to create .mp4 videos. I'm relatively new to publisher, but it all seems very straight forward. The trouble I'm having is, in the videos everything seems to "flash" during set snapshots. In particular the parts list is rendered almost illegible. By "flash" I mean that the part seems to vibrate/change color rapidly, almost like its refreshing over and over. Thanks. Alex
  8. Hello, another Showcase question. Is there a way to use alternate lineups to show different variations of a product? I need to show different sizes of the same accessory within the same document. Any help as to how I could do this would be greatly appreciated. Lewis.
  9. classicac

    lock part list column width

    Hello all, I am trying setup a default part list for my company in Inventor, where I am stuck at is I wish to lock the width of the columns so on all our drawings the part list is the same width, I have assigned each column its own width and when I bring it in to the drawing it's the correct size but I am able to drag the edges, and change its size, I want to lock it so if you try you cant. am I missing something obvious in the menus? Or is this a limitation with inventor. I am using the latest version of Inventor 2013 Cheers
  10. kingkp123

    inventor loft

    i have lofted two different triangles made by using line. they lofted fine but it is see through, how do i make it opaque? i use inventor 2013
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