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Found 17 results

  1. I've been having extremely long file opening and plot times for some projects at my company that we use AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 on (three projects in particular). My computer specs are above the recommended specs for AutoCAD so I know my computer is not the issue. All files are opened and saved on a local server. The times range from 10 to 20 minutes per file, depending on the project. Some brief descriptions of the file management for each project: Project 1: About 20 xrefs per file, -pu regapps performed on all xrefs (most from other firms), no data references used. Project 2: About 30-40 xrefs per file, -pu regapps & audit performed on all xrefs (most from other firms), no data references used, some other settings used to help improve performance (indexctl=3, demandload=3, xloadctl=2, treedepth=32767, treemax=10000000). Note that many xrefs originate from dgn. Project 3: About 30 xrefs per file, -pu regapps & audit performed on all xrefs (most from other firms), data references ARE used, some other settings used to help improve performance (indexctl=3, demandload=3, xloadctl=2, treedepth=32767, treemax=10000000). Note the xrefs are dwg files that we used DGNIMPORT to import linework from dgn files. Project 1 has the longest wait times averaging around 15-20 minutes per file. Project 2 and 3 have similar wait times around 10-15 minutes per file. Are there any settings I could change to improve the opening times on these files? Any settings I can use for the Sheet Set Manager to keep common xrefs open between the sheets it's trying to plot? Also, when saving xrefs after purging regapps for Projects 1 and 2, file size can jump from Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi I have been having this issue with several versions of Autocad. At some point the application will start showing a lagging behavior when entering and existing commands. It completely blows my concentration and the productive flow away. I have researched quite a lot on the net, and tried all the usual suspects: Disabling all CPU consuming features (cycle, dynamic inputs, properties palette, visual effects, etc). I have de-activated all the 3d performance settings. Disable "enable desktop composition" in Windows. All my graphic drivers are up to date. But nothing seems to work and the frustration start to be quite annoying. Anyone managed to find a solution for this? Your help will be super appreciated! I am running AutocadCAD 2013 in W7 (64bits) Ras
  3. Hello everybody! If I want to use the "extrim" command, I do select a line first and after this I click on side next to the line. After that, AutoCad does, first, zooms in very, very slow to the line I'd selected. Second, he trims all the lines next to the selected line, on the side I've chosen. Finally, AutoCad zooms out very, very slow........... Sometimes it takes 30 seconds or something for extrim a couple of lines. I'm using AutoCad 2015 at this moment. I had also used older versions. Some versions also had this problem but in some versions it went very fast! Zoom in, extrim and zoom out were done in 1 second. Anybody knows how I can solve this? (variables Edgemode=0 and Projmode=1) example extrim.dwg
  4. Hi all, I would appreciate any help I could get on this matter. I'm running CAD2011, a pretty good flavor of an i5, 8GB, Win7x64, 1GB graphics, etc... a nice-enough laptop for sure that CAD should be run seamlessly. HOWEVER! When I select a dimension, it takes at least 5 seconds for the properties box to correctly display and populate, then another few seconds once I click inside the box to be able to scroll/operate a drop down, type, etc. I have seen this posted with no resolution before... can anyone offer any advice on this matter? I saw one poster mention reloading support files such as fonts that may be corrupted but I must concede that I don't know exactly how to do this i.e, where would I get another copy of all of my fonts?
  5. We have been working with ACAD 2014 for some time now and have never had any issues what so ever. Management upgraded everyone from 2GB RAM to 8GB RAM and now all of a sudden when when do CTRL+C to copy and then CTRL+V to paste, it takes that objects (i.e. text, block, line, arrow) forever to regenerate. It literally redraws it before my eyes in the slowest fashion POSSIBLE! LOL All we did was upgrade the RAM and I went right back to work. Please help!? Any and ALL suggestions would help, this stinks!!
  6. So I just upgraded my CAD to 2015 a few weeks ago, and am noticing today that every action I run is slow. Does anybody know anything about the performance of this new version? I keep following the similar posts for 2013, but it seems the options menu has changed in 2015.
  7. Hi guys, I work in a company that has 6 CAD drafters. We are all running AutoCAD 2013 on the same machines with same specs and everything. We are running Dell Precision WorkStation T7500 x64 Windows 7 Professional 64 bit with Intel Xeon CPU (E5620 @2.40 GHz, 4 cores) BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A13 NVIDIA Quadro 2000 or ATI FirePro V5800 However, only 1 person in the department keeps consistently having slow processing problems with his AutoCAD. I have updated his drivers, ran all the audits/cleanups on the files, turned off all unnecessary things (i've been trying to fix this a while) and it is still taking anywhere from 5 seconds to over 5 minutes sometimes to simply save a file (the filesize in the case of today is only 288KB and it functions fine on my machine). Since we are all running essentially the same thing, I have not been able to figure out what else to do to solve this problem. The IT guy has also tried pretty much everything and no clue. Yesterday I pulled up his task manager and it said that his CAD was taking up 1,456,000 memory whereas mine runs at its slowest at about 1/3rd of that. Restarts don't help, and he isn't running more programs than anyone else here. We all run the same basic stuff (if anything I run more than him because I also play music and sometimes I have 2 CAD instances open.) Also, there is no anti-virus program doing scans in the background, that is set to like 2 am or something. The problem seems to start when he first gets here in the morning and lasts consistently all day, according to him. Any suggestions? At this point I am desperate and looking for any solutions before we completely wipe his computer and reinstall everything. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi, I am having trouble with AutoCAD running slow with large drawings (over 2000 objects). I'm not a computer wizz, so not sure where to check all the system stuff, but here's some screen shots to help: These shots were taken while CAD was frozen. The rest of the computer was working with no problems, no other program freezing, and the same thing happens with many other programs running, or nothing running, .dwg on the server or on local memory. seems to me there is plenty of memory available, but AutoCAD is not using it. Any ideas why this is happening?
  9. I have dual monitors . today i tried maximized space on main monitor by placing command line on 2nd screen . Strangely when i do that , autocad is slowed down . any command has a lag of about a second . i usually have adcenter and toolpalettes on 2nd monitor with no problem . any idea why this happens ?
  10. I'm working on an intro with 3dsMax. But when I'm rendering the animation, it literally takes overnight to render it. What could be causing such a slow render? The animation uses the standard 100 frames.
  11. it seems that whenever I input .SAT files into my drawing it really slows down AutoCAD. This is especially true whenever I switch views. It appears to be the regen operation. The drawing is only 10 MB. I can work in much larger drawings that are 2D and not have a problem. I've eliminated all other background tasks and processes that are eating memory. Is there some sort of work-around/setting I can adjust to reduce quality of the 3D views in order to speed up the regen process?
  12. A core i7 rated at 2.93 ghz max stays solis at 1.73 ghz while rendering dont come at me with bull that drawins are simple, rendering is an intensive process even renders with final gather and max quality wont make the cpu go over 1.73 ghz dont come at me with heat issues because i can place my laptop in my freezer and it will not go over 1.73 ghz while rendering i know the computer is a beast at rendering because at times when i hit cancel on the render window, it renders like 8 boxes in 2 seconds before it executes the cancel command So whats wrong
  13. My machine specs core i7 having a core i7 one would think it would be lag free and so and so but it wasnt until a week ago where i decided to dive into the problem anyway i know ive posted this before but... 1st: copied acad directory to c:\programfiles(x86) maybe it did, maybe it didnt, 2nd: switched windows from using more resources towards programs to background services 3rd: i switched eveything on in the 3d config menu and tesselations to cache to 10, hardware acceleration, on 4th that is all autocad works just as great as it did on previous machine which had a core 2 duo rated at 2ghz with 4gb of ram ehh im autocad problem free ahh 1 more thing it has nothing to do with what i did, but i used to do this to solve the problem i logged into another account then switched users and logged into the account in which i planned to run autocad on without logging of the other account, it worked too
  14. im running on a core i7 laptop the computer is top of the line but autocad slows down on it, i remember hearing something about program files and program files x86 architecture folder which is on 32 bit cpus, though i remember while using 3ds max 64 bit it crashed with the Parray particle system, but when i used the 32 bit version it worked flawlessly, im not sure if it has anything to do with it but i COPIED the Entire autocad 2011 folder from c:/programfiles to C:/ Programfiles(x86) and launched autocad from that folder and i noticed a significant speed increase; with little lag due to external components from other dwg files merged into the main dwg. it worked for me but maybe theres another reason for the all of the sudden speed increase just fyi i got my graphics card set on OPTIMAL QUALITY and in autocad 3dcofig command i got everything turned on number of tessalations to 6 Before i had the current computer i had a powerful hp laptop with a core 2 duo and autocad was extremely fast and i was able to work efficiently problem free on autocad 2010 yes i get versions as soon as they come out , ahm well yeah switching to a core i7 i expected better performance wich i didnt experience until now
  15. 3d Rendering By autodesk in its beta stage but it works great http://neon.labs.autodesk.com/ thats the autodesk labs Project and you just upload your dwg files to autodesk and render all you need to do is export your dwg into etransmit files with the etransmit command and then upload the zip file and choose the quality and then the resolution autodesk's Servers/ Super computers will render everything precisely and in 1/4 1/8 1/16 the time it will take a core 2 duo and most core i7s its awesome give it a try you must have at least 1 named view and 1 light in order to render so create a camera and a light if you dont have one ive got a sample file its simple but its rendered at 1920 * 1080 and it took a shorter time period than it would take my core i7 laptop
  16. Hi, well, here is my problem... First of all, the mouse works propertly in anyother application, even inside autocad, but at the moment I zoom to a desired area and try to select an specific point or just draw in there, it lost his stability and starts freezing, which makes impossible to select that point.. I don't now exactly how to explain it, but I'll try.... if I quit the zoom, I can select the point, but I can't see it with such precission, if I zoom then the pointer can be positioned near around that point, but not in there! It has happend a couple of times and it doesn't happen in all drawing, just in certain files, but it actually happens inside the same file but in different machines; I also tried using a different mouse with no different results; which lead me to believe the problem lies inside Autocad. I'll give a little information about my machine, anyway, so let's see if it can help. I'm using Autocad 2010. --------------------- Machine Configuration --------------------- Processor Speed : 2.8 GHz RAM : 3071 MB 3D Device --------- Name : NVIDIA GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS Manufacturer : NVIDIA Chip set : GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS Memory : 512.0 MB Driver : 6.14.0011.7519
  17. bobsy852

    Slow "laggy" viewports

    Recently when setting up my layouts and adding the viewports etc I've found them very slow and difficult to work with on the layouts. They're not too bad to insert, but when I come to edit their size or move them to a new location on the layout they become very slow to use! Everything else on the layout is fine to use, quick as normal, and changing anything in the model space is quick as normal. It's just anything to do with re-arranging or editing the viewports themseleves that has become very slow (best way to describe it would be lag I suppose) lol. Have I changed something without realising which is making them slow? Im using AutoCAD LT and if you look at my computer specs, it's the work computer I'm having this issue on, not my home one. Thanks everyone
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