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Found 5 results

  1. DonovanPorter

    Pipe Scheduling

    Good Morning. I have been working on setting up a pipe schedule for my current project. Prior to Revit i was using AutoCAD for piping and scheduling which was very tedious. However the pipe schedule format is prefered by our suppliers/contractors and clients and we want to keep the format. i have attached a image for reference (Labeled Example). The AutoCAD schedule was done manually. I have created a relatively automated Revit Schedule, but it needs more refinement and i do not know how to proceed. i have added screen shots to show the schedule i have created. I have used a Tag family to tag the pipe fittings according to my sequence. (This is fine) The comments (description) i have to manually type. (I would like this Automated including the length of the pipe/angle of the elbow/distance the puddle flange is from the flange etc taken from the fitting) The image is a screen shot which is added as a image (this is not ideal , i would like an image that can be dimensioned as in the AutoCAD schedule or as in a window or door legend.) The count is calculated by the number of pipes that have the same tag (This is fine) so this is my goal, and i feel that it should be doable, i just do not know how to go about making it happen. any advice, tips tricks or guidance would be really appreciated
  2. Ahoy hoy. Long time no see. Unfortunately I'm popping back in because I've recently been pushed into the hinterlands outside my experience. Namely, we're finally looking into the Scheduling tools in ACA and I've been tasked with learning the property set system well enough to make them match our current workflow as closely as possible. First a little background as context for my issue. I work for a small log building manufacturer using primarily ACA with a separate add-on program called HSBCad to handle creating and exporting the log tooling to the plant for production. HSBCad offers its own scripting language which functions nearly identically to C++. This scripting language was used to do many of the annotation functions as well including tagging and scheduling. Unfortunately, the in-house person who was developing our custom code left the company and we've been slowly separating ourselves from those systems to cut down on training required for new hires. Yesterday I took a couple of hours to teach myself about property sets and schedules and have already created one to match our current style. With the schedule in place I've started looking into creating a tag to match ours as well. Here's where I've hit my snag. We're a bit of an odd duck in that we do not create a unique tag for each door, identical doors will receive the same tag. We do this because our buildings are shipped as 'kits' with each unique log receiving a number and it's more intuitive for the layperson that may be assembling it that the doors and windows be treated similarly. It's also easier on our own shipping and inventory management to keep human arithmetic errors out of the counts. What I am looking to do is create a formula property definition for custom door/window tags to auto-increment the number while also tagging like as like. I don't know anything about vb scripting and am new to property sets in general so I'm not sure if this is really even possible in practice. TL;DR in bold Edit: We're using ACA 2012
  3. Curently im preparing Duct Schedule. I plan make my schedule quite detailed. I wonder how can i get some Parameters from mv-part. I can not find them in my properties set.
  4. jaythiru007

    Room Schedule HELP PLEASE!!

    Hi guys, Please be kind as this is my first post. Our client ask us to provide room area schedule with distinct format (please see attached image-Schedule I have tried the best I can come with schedule1 as indicated on the image. Does anyone have idea or way to achieve this? Really appreciated if any one can help on this. many thanks in advance
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