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Found 7 results

  1. D_Krause

    Adding fonts to Draftsight

    So! This little trick with Draftsight took me about 3 hours to figure out. How to add Fonts to Draftsight. Draftsight looks in your windows installed fonts to find any fonts it will consider vaild for use. In order to have a font available for use by draftsight, the font must be in TTF Format and must be installed into your windows system fonts folder. If you have a .otf file, you should use a tool like http://everythingfonts.com/otf-to-ttf to convert the file into .ttf file format. At that point, just open the file and hit "Install" in the top left. Windows will then install the font into it's system and draftsight will consider it valid. Why a system like draftsight, which bills itself as an open platform, cannot use .otf is beyond me. But this is the work around: Convert to .ttf Install into windows system the "normal" way Profit.
  2. This sounded like a simple question, but I can't find a simple answer. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places. We're reorganizing our detail library (again). Windows has a tag system that works for photos and Office docs, but it doesn't work for drawings. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I'd like to piggyback on these tags so that we can find details easily. So far all I've found are utilities that add more layers of complexity. There's the "propulate" command in AutoCAD, but it only works within the software. I need something that works for everyone, even non-drafters. So here's my question. Is there a simple way to implement Windows tags for drawings? By "simple" I mean on the level of toggling a Registry setting, not installing and learning new software.
  3. So, I'm in Vault trying to open a file with the right click. I hit "View In Window" instead of open - at least that's how I remember it. It opened the window DWG TrueView instead of AutoCAD. I tried opening AutoCAD and browsing to a file to open it. That didn't change t back to AutoCAD. Then I had to go into Windows to reset it to AutoCAD. I'm not familiar with "AutoCAD DWG Launcher", but that is what it got set to. That was making CAD difficult for a little while. Does anyone have a read on why Autodesk would set this up this way?
  4. I'm new to this forum, and I'm glad I found it. I am also new at lisp, although I have programming experience with other languages. My question is how come a lisp routine won't work on my mac?. First thing that I wonder is the c: right after the defun. Can someone point me to some good article on this? Thanks!
  5. Not sure if I am the only person in the world that has tried this - But I recently installed Autocad (2007) within the Windows XP environment on my MAC (Lion) running through Parallels. And it sucks. Just waaay too erratic, mouse is all jumping, couldn't even imagine trying to draft a real job. Why would I even bother doing this when there is Autocad for Mac??? One simple reason - for the life of me, and as far as I understand, there is no simple way in Autocad for MAC to customise keyboard shortcuts the way you can within your CUI in Autocad for PC. Its just insane. I live on my keyboard shortcuts, and can't efficiently draft without them. And no, I couldnt load my PC saved CUI on my Mac Autocad either. I am completely self taught, and maybe I am missing something, but surely there is a way to customize the MAC version the way you can in PC???? Ie - I want: SHIFT+V = MOVE SHIFT+R = ROTATE SHIFT+4 = MATCH PROPERTIES etc ehh. Any discussion on this would be much appreciated!!
  6. Hi! Apologies if this has been discussed before, but as I not sure what I am looking for it quite hard! Here is the situation, I have worked in several offices now where AutoCAD is installed on each machine and the Windows Profiles are on each machine and are not roaming. Each computer is linked to a server that manages the domain, serves files and hosts outlook. This means if I log onto a machine that is not my usual one, windows creates a new profile and the AutoCAD profile is back to default. The means that any new user, or anyone using someone elses machine, does not have access to the company's printer settings, toolbar (or ribbon), plot styles etc. Is there anyway that when the above happens a "default" profile is loaded with basic settings already activated. it will save me a lot of time! I hope this explains it?!! (Oh we are still using XP if that is any help).
  7. In today's installment of the Insane-a-thon ... This morning I logged on to our Windows Small Business Server to check something. Before I came back to log off (you should always log off from the server), the session timed out. Now there's a window saying "Press Ctrl-Alt-Del. Only an administrator can unlock this computer." So far normal. For some reason the server won't respond to Ctrl-Alt-Del. I've tried two keyboards, both of which work on other systems. I've plugged the USB cable into every possible socket. When the screen saver kicks in, I can clear it by pressing Space. There doesn't seem to be any problem with the keyboard or the connection, but the server won't respond. I can't reboot it because I can't log in. Anyone seen this happen before? Is there anything I can do short of pulling the plug on the server?
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